Tilly tells Sofia a good story about her time when she was a Princess and a Story Keeper.

New Characters:

Princess Tilly: Duchess Tilly when she was a 10 year old Princess and a Story Keeper.

Prince Roland: King Roland The 2nd when he was an 8 year old Prince.

Queen Mum: Grand Mum when she was the Queen Of Enchancia.

King Roland The 1st: He was the King Of Enchancia and father of Tilly and Roland.

Dreadful Dragon Of Dashood.

New Location:



The story begins on a big stormy blizzard day on a late afternoon at Tilly’s Manor House were Sofia currently lives (wearing her village outfit from the episode “The Baker King” with her Amulet showing). Sofia and her garden gnome friend Gnina are lending Chef Smores a hand for finishing a few cooks, bakes, and clean-ups in the kitchen while Spruce is gathering woods to light up the chimney in the living room, because the snowstorm is hitting and covering all over Enchancia, Royal Prep, and other neighboring kingdoms all day long.

After finishing everything inside the Manor House during sunset, Sofia and Gnina (sitting on one of Sofia’s shoulders) heading to the living room with some brownies and hot chocolate drinks to warm up from this cold weather along with Tilly who is spending her spare time knitting a new sweater. Sofia is worried about the animals and the garden gnomes in the barn house, but Spruce assured her that the barn is strong enough to handle any kind of stormy weather, and Cowboy Spurs is taking care of everything.

With Sofia and Gnina lending Tilly a hand in knitting the sweater and enjoying their hot chocolate and brownies, Sofia asks her aunt if she can tell a good story about herself being a story keeper.

Tilly: How about telling you were I started when I was a Princess?

Sofia: That will be great Aunt Tilly.

Tilly: It all started when your grandmother gave me the amulet you are wearing right now, and told me and your father a wonderful story about it, but your father thinks it is just a fairy tale until the day you told me about Princess Elena.

Sofia: That’s true. But before that, dad told me the amulet’s job is to watch out for a princess who wears it.

Tilly: Indeed. Anyway, during my bedtime, your grandmother gave me the book you currently have as a story keeper.

Sofia: And when you reached chapter 17, the key and the amulet lead you to The Secret Library.

Tilly: That’s right Sofia, and I’ve been on this job as a story keeper for 30 years.

Sofia: But why did you leave the castle?

Tilly: Because, your father is now the King and I’m the Duchess, making room for the family years before you and your mother moved to the castle, until I found myself this beautiful Manor House and continued with my adventures.

Sofia: What was your favorite adventure?

Tilly: Remember the dreadful dragon of Dashood I was telling you and your siblings about?

Sofia: The dragon you tamed and taught him how to knit?

Tilly: Yes, that’s the one. Wanna hear the story about it?

Sofia: Sure!

Gnina: We’d love too, Duchess Tilly.

Tilly: It all started the day I was flying around every valley and every gorge with my horse Athena when suddenly I smelled something smoking coming straight from Dashood and flames coming from a high mountain cave were the dreadful dragon lives. Athena and I want it to find out why he was breathing fire like that. He said he was catching flu and sneezing a lot after a huge blizzard covered all over Dashood, so I tamed the dragon by giving him a special medicine. A few minutes later, he felt better and cured. I taught the dragon how to knit a big sweater and he did it right. When he wore the sweater, he was fully warmed from this cold weather and thanked me for all the help I did for him. A few days later, he gave me two scarves he knitted as a reward.

Sofia: One for you and one for Sir Bartleby, I remember that when you told us about it and showed us the scarves the day before you were awarded the Shield Of Valor.

Tilly: Exactly. And that’s the end of the story.

Gnina: A beautiful story.

Sofia: It sure is.

It is almost bedtime and after enjoying Tilly’s story with some hot chocolate and brownies, Sofia and Gnina are on their way up to bed while Tilly is finishing a few more knits on the new sweater and Spruce is turning off the fire from the chimney.

Upstairs at Sofia’s room, Sofia surprises Gnina with a gnome-sized bed and a gnome-sized nightgown she made for her. After trying on the gown, Gnina loved it, hops on Sofia for a worm cuddle, and thanked her. The two are off to bed saying goodnight to each other.

The sun rises the next morning; the whole valley around the Manor House is covered with snow. Sofia, Gnina, Tilly, Spruce, Cowboy Spurs, Sofia’s animal friends, the garden gnomes, and the Gargoyles are all having fun playing in the snow.

Ending Credits Background: Tilly’s Manor House with snow.