According to The Secret Library, Sofia has to save Calista who will become the chosen wearer and keeper of the "Magic Dragon" gemstones.

New Characters:

Flavette: A magical female red dragon (looking a little bit like Flambeau, but colored red) released from the "Magic Dragon" gemstones and becomes Calista's guardian. Her magical firepowers are so fast and strong. She can even desguise herself into any kind of animal using these powers.

New Objects:

The Magic Dragon: Two magical gemstones consisting of the "Dragon Heart" collared necklace and the "Dragon Pearl" scepter, both gemstones are colored red. These objects are only used for emergency, good deeds, and great responsibility. Calista is the chosen wearer and keeper.


The story begins at Tilly’s Manor House were Sofia currently lives (wearing her sports outfit from the episodes “Tri-Kingdom Picnic” and “When You Wish Upon A Well”), practicing her fencing and archery skills with the Gargoyles playing her opponents (using wooden toy swords of course). Sofia bravely defeats Muck at the end of her practice session, and Spruce gave her a glass of water for refreshment. During the break, Sofia’s amulet glowing blue meaning there is another story coming from The Secret Library. Tilly and Spruce wishes Sofia good luck on her next task.

Arriving at the library using Carpy The Carpet’s teleport spell, Sofia receives a book titled “The Tale Of The Magic Dragon” with Calista (Cedric’s niece from the episodes “Gone With The Wand”,"Through The Looking Back Glass", and "Too Cute To Spook") and a magical red dragon on the book’s cover. The book enters the library’s pendulum and the story begins.

The Narrator: Many years ago in an island called The Misty Palisades, two magical objects known as “The Magic Dragon” gemstones (a “Dragon Heart” collared necklace and a “Dragon Pearl” scepter, both gemstones are colored red) were hidden behind the walls of the island’s grotto waiting for its chosen wearer. Until now, while the Dragons Of Enchancia are practicing their musical skills, a sorceress named Cordilia The Conjuror and her daughter Calista were flying with their magic carpet on their way to spend some time with her parents (Calista’s grandparents “Goodwyn&Winifred”) at the Mystic Meadows for a vacation. When they flew over the island, both objects starting to glow a strong red light pointing on Calista as a chosen wearer and casts a spell to make her sleep and pulls her all the way down to the island’s grotto. Cordilia follows her down trying to wake her up and take her, but the magic dragon’s spell did not let her take Calista by burning her hands. Cordilia magically writes two urgent messages and casts a spell to send the first message to her brother Cedric and the second one to her parents. The spell wasn’t powerful enough to send and the winds starting to blow them up to nowhere until someone figures out where the messages are (the story stops here).

It is now up to Sofia to finish the story, teleporting back to the Manor House and wears her Story Keeper outfit. While calling Minimus, Sofia’s animal friends Robin and Mia found the two messages stuck in the trees and gave them to her. Tilly advised her niece to meet with a sorcerer powerful enough to help and Sofia knows who, Merlin The Magician (from the episode “Gone With the Wand” and Disney’s “The Sword In The Stone”).

Arriving to Merlin’s Dragon Hold Tower, Sofia told him about The Magic Dragon gemstones and what happened to Calista. Merlin said he read about the two objects and the only way to break the spell and save Calista is to wear the “Dragon Heart” collared necklace on her neck and put the “Dragon Pearl” scepter on her right hand. Cedric and his parents arrived to the tower on time after receiving an urgent message from Cordilia via urgent invitational cards from Sofia and Merlin.

Sofia flying with Minimus, Merlin flying with Cedric and Wormwood on their flying machine (from the episode “Cedric Be Good”), and Goodwyn&Winifred on their magic flying cloud, all arrived to The Misty Palisades island where Cordilia was waiting for them. Everburn and other Enchancian Dragons welcomed Sofia and others to the island, trying to break and melt the walls (were the “Magic Dragon” gemstones lie) using their firepower, but the walls are too strong.

Sofia follows the objects’ red light and found a little hole in the lower wall, she asks Wormwood to help her and looks at him to transform into a raven (same raven transformation from the episode “Hexley Hall”). Wormwood agrees and joins Sofia crossing the hole leading to the magical objects, but the objects’ powers are too strong to grab. Sofia asks Cedric if he has a spell that makes a powerful heat-resistant rope, Cedric said he has and made the rope for Sofia and Wormwood to pull it down to the objects and tie them up. Merlin, Cedric, and others (Cordilia, Goodwyn, Winifred, and the Enchancian Dragons) pulled the objects out of the hole successfully and Sofia transforms herself back to normal.

Merlin casts a spell using his “Dragon Claw” wand to carry the objects to Calista, and after wearing the “Dragon Heart” collared necklace on her neck and put the “Dragon Pearl” scepter on her right hand, both objects are glowing stronger and brighter releasing a magical female red dragon named Flavette, she uses her magical firepower to wake-up Calista.

When Calista opened her eyes in front of everyone, she asks were she is and what happened. Sofia and Merlin told Calista everything and Merlin invites everyone (Sofia, Cordilia, Cedric, Goodwyn, and Winifred) back to his tower for a little tea party, honoring Calista as the keeper of the “Magic Dragon” gemstones and Flavette as her Guardian Dragon.

Before heading back to the Mystic Meadows and Sofia back to the Manor House, Merlin reminds Calista to be very careful with the Magic Dragon’s power, because it is only used for emergency, good deeds, and great responsibility (make one bad mistake and you’ll be cursed just like Sofia’s amulet did from the episodes “The Amulet And The Anthem”, and “Cedric Be Good”). Calista promised Merlin and needs a lot of training to learn. Sofia said that everyone here (Sofia, Merlin, Cedric, Goodwyn, and Winifred) will help her how to use these objects carefully.

The Narrator: And so, Calista becomes a sorceress-in-training, the chosen wearer and keeper of the “Magic Dragon” gemstones, Flavette becomes her guardian Dragon, and they all lived happily ever after.

Sofia sees the final page of the book showing Calista, her guardian dragon Flavette, and her whole family (her mom Cordilia, her uncle Cedric, and her grandparents Goodwyn&Winifred), closes the finished book with happy endings and magically returns it to the library’s bookshelves.

Ending Credits Background: The Secret Library, The Misty Palisades, and Merlin’s Dragon Hold Tower.