The story begins at Royal Prep’s Sorcery Class were Cedric already received a message from Miss Flora to step in as substitute teacher for the second time, earning lots of respect and warm welcome from the students.

Meanwhile at Royal Prep’s Dance Class, Miss Elodie is planning a new play about a legendary brave sorcerer and the love of his life. The tryouts are almost complete, but still looking for one person to play a sorcerer and another person to play his love life.

During her coffee break, Miss Elodie was walking towards every class. When crossing the Sorcery Class main door, she stopped and walks slowly towards the class to hear Cedric’s voice teaching and entertaining the students. She was impressed of the way Cedric taught them every one spell to another.

Miss Elodie (clapping): BRAVO! That was fantastic.

Cedric (interfered): Merlin’s Mushrooms. Excuse me Miss Elodie, but the Master of this class is at work right now.

Miss Elodie: OOOPS! Sorry, I just like the way you are teaching the students a few great spells. You really are a great sorcerer.

Cedric: Thank You Miss Elodie.

Miss Elodie: Is it OK if I join in as a guest?

Cedric: If you promise to take a seat, watch, and listen with no interference.

Miss Elodie: Promise is a promise.

During recess, and after watching how entertaining Cedric was with his students, Miss Elodie wants to know more about him by asking Sofia. Sofia told her everything about Cedric as Enchancia’s royal sorcerer, and how good he is in mentoring students as a substitute teacher. Miss Elodie was excited about it and told Sofia that she is looking for a person to play the role of a legendary brave sorcerer, hoping that Cedric might play that role, but still couldn’t find another person to play the sorcerer’s love life.

Sofia: Why don’t you play the role of the sorcerer’s love life?

Miss Elodie: Me! Why me?

Sofia: Because you’re the only person in school who’s old enough to play that role, close to Mr. Cedric’s age.

Miss Elodie: Hmm! I guess you’re right Sofia, but do you think he’ll accept the role of the brave sorcerer?

Sofia: If you talk to him about it for a while, I’m sure he’ll accept.

Miss Elodie: OK! I’ll give it a try. But only if you come with me.

Sofia: Sure Miss Elodie, I’ll help you.

Sofia and Miss Elodie walking toward Cedric who’s enjoying a little coffee break during recess.

Sofia: Hi Mr. Cedric.

Cedric: Hello Princess Sofia, need any advice on a few more spells?

Sofia: No! But Miss Elodie wanted to talk to you about her new play.

Cedric: Let me guess, more spells for stage effects.

Miss Elodie: Not just stage effects, but I was wondering if you could be the main part of the play.

Cedric: And what is my role?

Miss Elodie: Your main role is the legendary brave sorcerer who saves the people and the love of his life, which is my role.

Cedric: Me, the brave sorcerer? But I have never been part of the play before.

Sofia: Don’t worry Mr. Cedric, Miss Elodie and I will help you.

Miss Elodie: So what do you think Cedric, will you accept?

Cedric: As royal sorcerer of Enchancia, I accept.

Miss Elodie: Wonderful! We’ll see you tomorrow at the auditorium for rehearsal.

Cedric: I’ll be there in no time Miss Elodie.

The bell ringing a recess time-out signal, and Cedric heads back to Sorcery Class to finish teaching students more spells as substitute teacher, while Miss Elodie heads back to Dance Class to complete her script for the play.

The next morning, Cedric arrives at Royal Prep’s auditorium on time for rehearsal with Miss Elodie, Sofia, Amber, Kari, and other students who are part of the play. But nothing went right because Cedric can’t handle between stage effects and being part of the play, causing chaos on stage. Cedric blames himself and decided to quit, Sofia tried to stop him but it was too late because Cedric used his teleport potion to head back to his workshop feeling upset. Sofia’s amulet glows and Merlin appears.

Sofia: Mr. Merlin, what are you doing here?

Merlin: Your amulet gave me an urgent message to my magical crystal ball, so I teleport myself straight from my tower to your amulet’s current location.

Miss Elodie: Sofia, where’s Cedric?

Sofia: Gone.

Miss Elodie: Gone! Why?

Merlin: What happened?

Sofia: He blamed himself for causing chaos, stressed between working on stage effects and playing his role as a brave sorcerer.

Merlin: Fear not Princess, let’s go find Cedric and I will help him on the stage effects.

Sofia: But he already teleported himself back to his workshop.

Merlin: Then we’ll teleport to his location quickly.

Sofia: Miss Elodie, Mr. Merlin and I will do our best to bring Mr. Cedric back.

Miss Elodie: Good Luck Sofia.

Sofia teleports with Merlin straight to Cedric’s workshop. Over there, Cedric feels upset after the chaos until Sofia and Merlin shows up by surprise.

Cedric: Princess Sofia, Merlin, what are you both doing here?

Merlin: Cedric, we need to talk.

Cedric: I know! The chaos I caused on stage.

Sofia: Mr. Cedric, it’s not your fault, you were stressed between taking care of stage effects and playing your role of a brave sorcerer.

Merlin: She’s right Cedric, you cannot blame yourself for what you have done, there’s always a way to solve any kind of problems using magic.

Cedric: You’re right! But how can I handle both.

Merlin: I will help you with the stage effects so you can focus on your leading role.

Cedric: Thank You Merlin.

Sofia: So what you think Mr. Cedric?

Cedric: As long as Merlin is here to help, I’m in.

Merlin casts the spell to teleport all three back to Royal Prep’s Auditorium.

Sofia: Miss Elodie, we’re back.

Miss Elodie: Thank goodness, you’re all back.

Cedric: Miss Elodie, I apologies for this chaos on stage.

Miss Elodie: It’s OK Cedric, we all make mistakes sometimes, but to be honest, it’s my fault who didn’t find someone to take over the stage effects.

Sofia: Now that Mr. Cedric is back and Mr. Merlin is here to help, I think we have enough time for rehearsal before tomorrow’s show.

Miss Elodie: But first, we have to clean up this mess.

Merlin: Come on my faithful apprentice, let’s clean up this mess using magic together.

Cedric: Yes my master.

Merlin and Cedric cast a spell to quickly clean up the whole auditorium and redecorate the stage perfectly. It’s now ready for rehearsal.

The musical show has just started with Miss Elodie singing and dancing on stage waiting for her brave sorcerer to come and rescue, until Cedric magically shows up on stage singing and dancing with Miss Elodie. King Roland, Queen Miranda, and the rest of the royals loved the show. All standing up, cheering, and clapping for Cedric and Miss Elodie after the show.

Miss Elodie: Great job Cedric!

Cedric: You to Miss Elodie!

Miss Elodie: Please! Just call me Elodie, no more Miss from now on.

Cedric (looking at each other even more): As you wish.

Merlin: Well done Cedric.

Cedric: Thank You Merlin, I wouldn’t have been on stage without your help.

Sofia: Mr. Cedric, we have a surprise for you.

Cedric’s parents (Goodwyn&Winifred), his sister Cordelia, and his niece Calista were all here and watched Cedric playing his leading role, and they were so proud of him.

Back on stage, Miss Flora makes a special announcement to honor Cedric as Royal Prep’s Best Substitute Teacher by awarding him a substitute teacher golden trophy. Then, King Roland steps on stage to award Cedric the king’s medallion pin for doing an excellent job. Finally, Miss Elodie gives Cedric one last reward by blowing a kiss on his cheeks, making his whole face red. All of these rewards and awards made Cedric the happiest sorcerer in the kingdom. All rounding applause to “Cedric The Sensation”.

Ending Credits Background: Royal Prep.