New Characters:

Kiki: Mika's daughter, Tayo&Kei's Sister.

Styllet: Spruce's hobgoblin young sister, the fastest tailor and fashion designer who designs all kinds of clothes, outfits, customs, and special dresses for everyone of all ages, including royals.

Mr. Fidget: Wendell's father.


The story begins in the Manor House where Sofia currently lives (wearing her Royal Gardening Outfit from the episode “Carol Of The Arrow”) and is on her way to the village for Ruby’s birthday. Packing everything she needs in her magical carpetbag, transforming it to Backpack, hoping on Minimus and getting ready to fly. Tilly, Spruce, and Cowboy Spurs wishing her good luck, have fun, and be careful. Sofia promises her Aunt to be careful and flies.

Arriving with Minimus straight to Ruby’s house for some quick birthday decorations along with Helen (Ruby’s mom), Jade, Meg&Peg, Mandy, and Lucinda. All the kids from the village arrived on time to celebrate Ruby’s birthday and play all kinds of birthday party games before the cake.

Meanwhile at the Castle Of Enchancia, James is taking fencing and jousting lessons with Sir Finnegan (from the episode “The Silent Knight”) at the Castle’s arena, while Amber is taking astronomy class with Master Erwin (from the episode “Clover Time”), studying meteorology by looking at the skies for weather conditions inside the Castle’s observatory room. Amber was looking in the telescope around every part of the sky when suddenly she saw something twisting heading towards the village.

Amber: Master Erwin! Can you come up here for a minute? I see some kind of wind twisting around and heading to the village, any idea what it is?

Erwin: Let me take a look. (Shockingly looking at the telescope) OH NO! A CYCLONE.

Amber: What is a Cyclone Master?

Erwin: It is a twisted storm cloud that can blow everything and anyone who gets close to it can pull and blow away. We have to tell the king, this is an emergency.

Amber and Master Erwin quickly tells King Roland and Queen Miranda about the storm. Constable Myles orders the guards to ring the emergency bell and alerts the village people to head to their basements. James and Sir Finnegan hop on their horses and heading quickly to the Castle after hearing the emergency bell.

Back at Ruby’s house, Sofia heard a bell ringing but cannot hear it right because of the noisy party. Then, she felt something moving and shaking around the village until Minimus screaming: SOFIA! A CYCLONE IS COMING.


But it was too late, the Cyclone was fast and took Sofia, Minimus, her friends (Ruby, Jade, Lucinda, Meg&Peg, Mandy), and all of the other kids away from the village. A second later, Helen shows up with a surprising birthday cake for Ruby but shocked that the kids are missing and saw the cyclone. She rushes to the Castle to tell Miranda and Roland about it. Miranda was shocked and Roland orders the search knights to find Sofia and the rest of the kids. Tilly arrives to the Castle when she heard the news about the Cyclone.

Meanwhile, Sofia, Minimus, and her friends are still twisted in the air without knowing where the Cyclone is heading, until it crossed the Stormy Triangle (from the episode “Her Royal Spyness”) all the way to the Sealians’ island. The Cyclone weakens in front of the sealians and Professor Fleeber’s eyes (currently living in the island working on his new book about the sealians) after crossing the Stormy Triangle. When the storm vanished, Sofia and the rest of the kids were rescued by Fleeber and the sealians.

Sofia (awakes): Where Am I. What happened?

Fleeber: Your back at the sealians’ island Princess.

Sofia: How did we get here Professor?

Fleeber: We saw the Cyclone heading towards us, but weakened after crossing the Stormy Triangle and the sealians rescued all of you.

Sofia: Are my friends OK?

Fleeber: Rest assured Princess, the sealians are taking good care of them.

Sofia (heading outside to check): Ruby, Jade, is everyone all right?

Jade: We’re fine Sofia.

Ruby: Yeah, these creatures helped us, but who are they?

Sofia: They are the sealians, but don’t worry, they are friendly and they don’t harm. (Asking Mika about Minimus) Where is Minimus?

Mika: Right there Princess, my boys (Tayo&Kai) are taking good care of your horse.

Sofia (running to Minimus): Minimus! I’m so glad you’re OK, how are you feeling?

Minimus: I’m OK Sofia, the sealians were very kind and helpful. But wait, what about you and the kids?

Sofia: We’re OK Minimus, all of us.

Sofia looks around the shores of the island making sure all of her friends and other kids from her village are here (not missing) and A-OK, thanking Lucinda for making tents using her hexes. She brings her backpack (transforming to carpetbag) to call Carpy (The Secret Library’s Magic Carpet) and orders to transform into a tent for a quick change. Coming out of the tent wearing her Ahkahuna outfit (from the episode “Stormy Lani”), Mika sends his daughter Kiki to help Sofia and show her around the island for anything to eat and stay healthy, and orders the other sealians to blow their coco horns, so that anyone searching and try to cross the Stormy Triangle won’t get lost.

Back at the Enchancian Castle and after a long search, King Garrick and his son Axel show up to tell Roland that Hugo and his horse Electra are missing when the Cyclone hit the Kingdom Of Timberocks (the name of Garrick’s kingdom) minutes before heading to Enchancia. In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Fidget showed up to tell Roland that their son Wendell is missing when the Cyclone hit Tangu, even Marla showed up with her broom when she heard that her daughter Lucinda is missing. The two kings (Roland and Garrick) work together to find Sofia, Minimus, Hugo, Electra and others, by sailing in The Floating Palace and The Royal Galleon (both ships were ordered by Roland). Master Erwin joins them with the help from his number one student Amber, they’re doing some research of the Cyclone and find some clues by looking at the clouds and where the Cyclone headed into and where it stopped.

Back at the Sealian Island, Sofia and Kiki are still walking until they saw a few tracks on the ground looking like horseshoes and derby boots. They follow the tracks all the way and turns out to be Hugo and Electra.

Sofia (shocked and running to them): HAAH! HUGO, ELECTRA, are you all right?

Electra: I’m fine Princess, but Hugo’s injured and still didn’t wake up.

Sofia: Kiki, head back to the shores and call your dad for help.

Kiki: Right away Princess.

Mika and the sealians rush to bring Hugo and Electra to the shores. They took Hugo to Professor Fleeber’s cabin and Electra next to Minimus who was shocked to see them both injured. At the same time, Lucinda found an injured boy with ripped carpet and a broken magic wand using her hex to carry him. Sofia takes a closer look at the boy and turns out to be Wendell. Lucinda adds another tent for Wendell using her magic and find a way to wake him up. Sofia goes inside the cabin to check on Hugo and figure out a cure to wake him up, Mika has a very special medicine that will heal Hugo and Wendell from Coma. Seconds later Hugo’s eyes started to open slowly and sees Sofia calling his name with Fleeber and Mika next to her.

Sofia: Hugo!

Hugo: Sofia! (Trying to get up) AAH!

Sofia: Hugo, what’s wrong?

Hugo: I don’t know, I think I hurt my ankle and my shoulder. Where are we? And who are they?

Sofia: We’re in the Sealians Island. This is Mika, he is the leader of the Sealians. And this is Professor Zacharias Fleeber, he is an expert learning more about the Sealians.

Mika: Don’t you worry young man, we’re going to heal your ankle and shoulder and it will take about two days of full recovery.

Sofia: See Hugo, the Sealians are here to help. By the way, what were you and Electra doing in the Cyclone?

Hugo: Nothing. I was doing some Derby Practice feeling upset because of my dad. But I don’t want to talk about it.

Sofia: Why?

Hugo (loosing his temper): Just leave me alone.

Sofia (feeling angry): Hugo!

Fleeber: Hold on Princess! I think the prince deserves to be alone for a while, let’s go outside and check with the others.

Sofia (going outside the cabin with Fleeber&Mika): I can’t leave Hugo loosing his temper like this.

Mika: You just have to give him some time to relax, I’m sure he will tell you later.

Hugo looking outside the cabin window at Sofia, her friends, and the Sealians helping other kids and Wendell by giving them food and fresh water.

Sofia: Professor! Can you give Hugo some food I made for him? I’m not ready to go inside yet.

Fleeber: Sure Princess, I’ll make sure the Prince relaxes and get some rest.

Fleeber goes inside the cabin to give Hugo food to eat and leaves. Sofia heads to Lucinda to check on Wendell.

Sofia: How is Wendell doing Lucinda?

Lucinda: Looking OK, but feeling upset and refused to talk.

Sofia: He just need some time to relax, he might tell us later what was bothering him.

After giving Wendell something to eat, Sofia and Lucinda leaves him alone for a while to check on the other kids. A wizard like Wendell did not expect to be rescued by a witch like Lucinda, watching her using her magic for good deeds.

It is almost late night and everyone is heading to their tents and cabins to sleep. Sofia looks at the cabin hoping Hugo will be OK, then she enters her tent to sleep.

The morning sunlight rises and everyone’s awake. Sofia heads to the cabin to check on Hugo, but when opening the door, she wasn’t sure if it’s OK to go in.

Hugo: Come in Sofia!

Sofia (entering): Good Morning Hugo! How do you feel?

Hugo: Better than yesterday, thanks for the food.

Sofia: You’re welcome.

Hugo: And I’m sorry for being rude last night.

Sofia: It’s OK Hugo. Can you tell me what happen, and why are you upset?

Hugo: My Dad’s getting married in a few days.

Sofia: Really! To who?

Hugo: Queen Avery.

Sofia: That’s great, but what’s bothering you?

Hugo: Dad didn’t tell me about it in the first place, and I’m not sure about having a new mom and a stepsister like Zoey.

Sofia: Hugo, I use to feel the same thing the day my mom married King Roland and became my dad. I’m also happy to have a sister like Amber and a brother like James.

Sofia continues her story by singing a song about it (with video flashbacks from “Once Upon A Princess” to all seasons of the show). Hugo continues with the song on how he feels, then both singing a duet together of how they feel and what they learned from past to present holding hands and looking at each other even more (song ends here). At the same time, Lucinda heads to the tent to check on Wendell to see how he is doing.

Lucinda: Hey Wendell, may I come in?

Wendell: Sure.

Lucinda: How do you feel?

Wendell: A little better, thanks for your help. I’m sorry for being mean to you, please accept my apology.

Lucinda: Apology accepted.

Wendell: I still don’t understand, you’re a witch and you use magic for doing something good. I thought all witches are wicked.

Lucinda: There are different kinds of witches in my world. Some good, some bad, some neutral. I used to be wicked long time ago the day my mom and I moved to the village (continuing her story with video flashbacks from the following episodes “The Little Witch”, “Mom’s The Word”, “In A Tizzy”, and “Cauldronation Day”).

Wendell: You really are a good witch Lucinda, I wish I can be a good wizard, but I’m not sure how my parents will forgive me after causing too much troubles.

Lucinda: If you take care of all the troubles you caused by fixing things up and use magic for good deeds, I’m sure your parents will forgive you and they’ll be so proud of you.

Wendell: I hope you’re right Lucinda.

Lucinda: I’m always right Wendell.

Wendell appreciated Lucinda’s encouragement that changed his whole life, and both started to look at each other even more.

Meanwhile back in The Floating Palace and The Royal Galleon, when Garrick told Roland, Miranda and Tilly the same story Hugo told Sofia, Amber and Master Erwin found some clues from the Cyclone and told Roland it was in an island were the Sealians live. Amber remembers but they’ll have to sail across the Stormy Triangle.

Amber (asking Roland): Daddy! Do you still have the coco horn Sofia gave you on your birthday?

Roland: Yes! Why?

Amber: Their music will lead us to their island.

Miranda: It’s true Rolly, it’s the only way there.

Roland brings his coco horn and gives it a blow. Back in the island, Sofia heard the coco horn coming from the Stormy Triangle meaning that her family is coming to the rescue.

Sofia (to the sealians): Everyone blow your coco horns so that my family can hear it.

The sealians blow their coco horns, which made Roland hear it. The Admirals of both ships (The Floating Palace and The Royal Galleon) started sailing and found the Sealians Island.

Sofia (running to her family): MOM, DAD, AUNT TILLY.

Miranda: Sofia, are you all right.

Sofia: We’re all fine mom.

Roland: Constable Myles, bring the kids to our ships.

Myles: Right away, You’re Majesty (ordering the guards to help the other kids back to the ships).

Amber: SOFIA!

Sofia: AMBER, JAMES, glad to see you.

James: Us too, we’re glad you’re OK.

King Garrick shows up asking about Hugo. Sofia leads him to the cabin were Hugo is still recovering.

Sofia: Hugo! Guess who’s here (opening the cabin door).

Garrick: HUGO!

Hugo: DAD!

Garrick: Thank goodness, you’re alive son.

Hugo: Thanks dad, but I’m still recovering from my injuries.

Garrick: Don’t worry, our doctors will make sure you’ll be A-OK when we get home.

Hugo: Dad! I’m sorry I was upset because you didn’t tell me that you’re getting married in the first place.

Garrick: It’s OK son! And you’re right, I should’ve told you and Axel about it before. If this is not a good idea for you, I’ll understand that.

Hugo: To be honest dad, it’s a great idea. And I think I’m ready to have a mom like Queen Avery and a sister like Zoey.

Garrick: Are you sure Hugo?

Hugo: Positive.

Garrick (giving Hugo a hug): Come on son, let’s go home. (To Sofia) Sofia! Thank you for taking care of Hugo, I hope you’re not hurt too.

Sofia: I’m fine You’re Majesty, and you’re welcome.

With Lucinda and Wendell inside one of the two ships, their parents show up to check on them.


Lucinda: MOM!

Mr. and Mrs. Fidget: WENDELL!


Marla: Are you all right my little witchlet?

Lucinda: I’m fine mom, and everyone’s OK too.

Wendell: Mother, Father. I’m sorry for all the troubles I caused a few days ago, and I deserve to be grounded. I promise to use magic for good deeds and become a good wizard from now on.

Mr. Fidget: Son! We’ll discuss your punishment later when we return home, but we appreciate your apology if you promise to behave and fix things up.

Wendell: Agree.

Sofia, Minimus, Hugo, Electra, and all of the kids are in both ships (The Floating Palace and The Royal Galleon) getting ready to return home, thanking and waving goodbye to Professor Fleeber and the Sealians.

One week later back in the Manor House, Sofia and her friends (Ruby, Jade, Lucinda, Meg&Peg, and Mandy) are getting dressed for King Garrick and Queen Avery’s wedding ceremony. Tilly and Sir Bartleby are going to the ceremony too and waiting for them down at the Manor’s main door. Coming down the stairs, Sofia is wearing her new Purple/Ruby Pink Royal Ball dress (mixed with dazzling little pearls and shiny little stars), Ruby and Jade are wearing special dresses (from the Tea For 3-Pack toys, and Jade wearing her dress from the episode "Princess Jade"), Lucinda wearing a special midnight dress, Meg&Peg and Mandy also wearing special dresses, all designed by Spruce’s young sister named Styllet (the fastest hobgoblin tailor & fashion designer). The girls are now inside Tilly’s Coach and ready to go to Timberocks (Garrick’s Kingdom).

Its early evening at Garrick’s Castle, where King Garrick and his family are welcoming their guests to the ceremony. The following guests are the Royal Families of Tangu, Kaldoun, Wei-Ling, Freezenburg, Corinthia, Zoomaria, Kari’s family, Lekshmi’s family, and other royal students, teachers, and headmistresses (Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather) from Royal Prep, until reaching two more Royal Carriages (Roland and Tilly’s Coach). Garrick welcomed Roland and family to his wedding ceremony, Hugo was looking directly at Sofia.

Hugo: Hey Sofia, you look wonderful tonight.

Sofia: Thanks Hugo, how do feel now?

Hugo: Full recovery, my ankle and shoulder are A-OK thanks to you, Professor Fleeber, and the Sealians.

Sofia: Great, I’m glad you’re OK.

Hugo: And I’m glad you’re here Sofia, I’ll see you in the ball.

Walking all the way to the Royal Ball, Sofia’s friends are happily excited for Sofia.

Jade: Aren’t you the luckiest Princess?

Sofia: What do you mean?

Ruby: A handsome Prince like Hugo looking at a beautiful Princess like you. That is so charming.

Sofia: Come on girls, Hugo and I are just friends.

Lucinda: YEAH! But he might ask you for the dance.

Meg&Peg: Totally.

Sofia (feeling red&shy): Maybe! But we’ll see.

Wendell (showing up with his parents wearing his special outfit): Greetings Lady Lucinda.

Lucinda: Oh! Hi Wendell.

Wendell: You mean Sir Wendell, and you look beautiful tonight.

Lucinda (feeling little shy): Why thank you, Sir Wendell. You look gentle and charming too.

Wendell: Thank you Lady Lucinda. It will be an honor for a good wizard to walk the good witch to the Royal Ball, will you accept.

Lucinda (lending Wendell her hand): Lead the way Sir Wendell.

Few minutes later, the wedding ceremony is about to started with a father/daughter dance starring King Garrick and his stepdaughter Princess Zoey (same father/daughter dance with Roland&Sofia from “Once Upon A Princess”), this reminded Sofia and her family about her first father/daughter dance with Roland, Axel asks his step mother Queen Avery for a mother/son dance, reminding James for dancing with his mom Miranda. But for Hugo, that’s a different story. While watching and waiting for a dance with his family, Hugo starts walking towards every Princess around the ball until reaching Sofia and stopped.

Sofia: Is something wrong Hugo?

Hugo: No! Just giving my family time to dance together, so I was wondering if you could join me for the dance.

Sofia wasn’t sure about it. She looks at her family and her Aunt if it’s OK to dance.

Roland: Go on Sofia.

Amber (holding Sofia’s hands): Yes Sofia, you deserve this dance.

James: Go for it Sofia.

Sofia (to Hugo): Ashantei, Prince Hugo.

Sofia and Hugo holding hands and walking all the way to the center of the Royal Ball dance floor like a Pretty Princess and a Charming Prince. They started dancing the Waltz (just like Princess Charlotte and Morris The Goblin from the last scene of the episode “Beauty Is The Beast”) in front of all of the guests. Garrick and his family stopped dancing and watched Hugo dancing perfectly with Sofia. Roland and his family are so happy for Sofia the way she dances emotionally with Hugo.

Sofia (while dancing): I still don’t get it Hugo, you were walking towards every Princess and then you asked me to dance, why?

Hugo: Because you’re the only true Princess who can do anything and help others in need, including myself when I was injured. That’s why you deserve this dance forever.

Sofia: That’s so sweet of you, Hugo.

In front of James and Zandar’s eyes and ears, Jade and Ruby are so excited and happy for Sofia dancing with Hugo, wishing for a prince*2 to ask them for the dance. Interfered by Hildegard and Clio who stated that a Prince only dances with a Princess. James and Zandar didn’t like the way Hildegard treated them, so they secretly come up with a plan by walking towards Hildy and Clio on purpose until reaching Jade and Ruby and stop.

James: Princess Jade, would you like to dance?

Zandar: Princess Ruby, may I have this dance?

Jade: We’re not sure because we’re not Princesses, and we haven’t danced the Waltz before.

James: It doesn’t matter, you look like Princesses by following the royal dress code. But don’t worry, Zandar and I will teach you both a few easy steps.

Zandar: So what do you think ladies?

Ruby: We’d love to.

In front of Hildy and Clio’s eyes saying “WHAT?”, the two pairs (James&Jade, Zandar&Ruby) holding hands and walk towards the Royal Ball dance floor to join Sofia and Hugo. James and Zandar teaching Jade and Ruby the 1-2-3 steps, and the girls felt OK with that and ready to dance.

Jade (while dancing with James): Ruby, we really are dancing.

Ruby (while dancing with Zandar): Dancing just like real Princesses in front of all the guests Jade.

Hugo (while still dancing with Sofia): Sofia, check it out. Your friends are dancing happily with your brother James and Zandar.

Sofia (happy for Ruby&Jade): They are indeed, and they’re filling up the dance floor.

Hildegard (to Amber): Amber, did you see that?

Amber: See what.

Hildegard: Your brother and Zandar are dancing with non-princesses.

Amber: So what, at least they’re wearing dresses just like Princesses.

Tilly: That’s right ladies, they followed the Royal Dress Code.

Hildy and Clio couldn’t complain on that anymore, but they’re happy for them.

By filling up the whole dance floor, Wendell The Wizard asks Lucinda The Witch, Desmond asks Vivian, Khalid asks Kari, and Sir Bartleby asks Tilly for the dance. The trios (Amber, Hildegard, and Clio) doing their dance moves with their hand fans (same moves in the song “The Princess Thing” from the episode “Just One Of The Princes”), the two Royals (Roland&Miranda, Garrick&Avery) also joining the dancers. Sofia and Hugo are surrounded by both of their families, holding hands and forming a circle together in the final scene of this episode.

The camera view of the Royal Ball comes out of King Garrick’s Castle at night (same as the final scene from “Once Upon A Princess”). And they all danced happily ever after.

Ending Credits Background: Tilly’s Manor House, Enchancian Castle, Sealians Island, and Timberocks Castle.