The story begins at Royal Prep on a Friday afternoon were the headmistresses (Flora, Fauna, and Merrywheather) are announcing a new assignment called “The Royal Composition”, were students get a chance to learn what’s it like to be a true princess and a true prince (similar to the episode “The Princess Test”) by looking around them and write a composition about it. The students must pair into two as follows: James&Zandar, Amber&Hildegard, Clio&Lekshmi, Jun&Maya, Khalid&Kari, Derek&Zoey, Jin&Chad. Before reaching the last four students (Sofia, Vivian, Hugo, and Desmond), Sofia is having a strange feeling about Hugo bothering Desmond if paired, so she comes up with a perfect plan by pairing with Hugo and Vivian pairing with Desmond. Flora’s list completed.

Vivian (whispering): Sofia, why did you switch pair?

Sofia: Because I have a strange feeling that Hugo might bother Desmond during the assignment, which is why I want you to pair with him and work together.

Vivian: But were shall we meet?

Sofia: Invite him to your castle, and start working on the composition. Trust me Vivian, you two will do great with this assignment.

Class dismissed, and all the students are getting ready to go home.

Hugo (meeting with Sofia on the main gate): Sofia, why you wanted to pair with me?

Sofia: I was going to ask you a question at the same time, were you trying to bother Desmond?

Hugo: Bother Desmond, why would you think I would do that?

Sofia: Hugo, I saw you looking at him in a strange way.

Hugo: OK! You got me, maybe I was going to bother him, but you’re right, it’s not a good idea.

Sofia: Good! I’ll see you tomorrow then. Here (giving Hugo a copy of a map).

Hugo: What’s this?

Sofia: A map to Aunt Tilly’s Manor House where I live right now.

Hugo: Uh! How do I get there?

Sofia (hoping on her carriage with Cowboy Spurs as her coachman): Electra will take you there.

Hugo: Oh! Right, I’ll be there.

Sofia: Great! I’ll see you in the morning. (Sofia’s royal coach departs from Royal Prep) Chao!

Hugo looking at Sofia in the sky and the map before heading home.

It’s Saturday morning at the Manor House where Sofia currently lives (wearing her royal gardening outfit from the episode “Carol Of The Arrow”), rising and shining between the Manor’s barn house and the garden/orchard while waiting for Hugo and his horse Electra for their royal assignment. Hugo (wearing his derby outfit) arrives to the Manor House and meets with Spruce.

Hugo: Excuse me Sir, is this the Manor House were Princess Sofia lives?

Spruce: You must be Prince Hugo.

Hugo: Yes. I am.

Spruce: Right this way young man, the Princess is waiting in the garden/orchard, my cousin (Cowboy Spurs) will take care of your horse.

Hugo: Thanks.

Hugo walks to the orchard to find Sofia picking apples up in the tree with Gnina’s assistance.

Hugo (asking without recognizing): Excuse me! Can you tell me where to find Princess Sofia?

Sofia (climbing down the ladder showing her face with Gnina sitting on her shoulder): Right here Hugo.

Hugo (looking at her royal gardening dress): Wow! Looking gorgeous as usual.

Sofia: Thanks!

Hugo: Is that a garden gnome on your shoulder?

Sofia: Yep! Her name is Gnina.

Gnina jumps off Sofia’s shoulder to help the other garden gnomes to finish apple-picking season.

Spruce (ringing the hand bell): Breakfast is ready Princess.

Sofia: Thank you Mr. Spruce, we’ll be right there. (To Hugo) Are you hungry Hugo?

Hugo: I am now.

After finishing their meal, Hugo asks: So! Where do we start our composition?

Sofia (with her backpack): You’ll see. (Whistling) Minimus, Electra, it’s flying time.

Hugo: To where?

Sofia: To see the world around us and learn the true meaning of royalty.

Hugo: Great idea!

Sofia: Let’s go Minimus, KYAAH!

Hugo: Come on Electra, KYAAH! (While flying) So what’s our first trip Sofia?

Sofia: To the place where I lived a simple life with my mom before moving to the castle. The Village Of Dunwiddie.

Meanwhile in Zumarian Castle’s Enchanted Garden, Vivian’s getting ready for the composition playing with her Mandolin while waiting for Desmond’s arrival.

Cecily: Vivian dear, your friend Prince Desmond is here.

Vivian: Thanks Mom! Hi Desmond.

Desmond: Hi Vivian. (Looking at the garden) Wow! What a beautiful garden.

Vivian: Not just beautiful, but more than that, it’s called Enchanted Garden.

Desmond: Amazing. Good thing I got my accordion with me in case we might play some music together.

Vivian: That will be great. So (feeling a little bit shy), ready for the assignment.

Desmond: I’m always ready.

Meanwhile, at the Enchancian Castle, Amber and Hildegard started working on their composition at Amber’s room, while James and Zandar are still planning were to start their composition at James’ room. James looks at the village from his bedroom window, starting to think like Sofia.

James: Zandar, I have an idea. We’ll go to the village and meet with the people.

Zandar: What for?

James: To learn about true royalty and responsibility of a crown prince.

Zandar: But how do we get there?

James: With my horse and your flying carpet. Wait for me outside (entering his closet for a change).

James (wearing his derby outfit) and Zandar set off to the village with their horse Echo and flying carpet.

Meanwhile, Sofia and Hugo arrived to the village with their horses.

Sofia: This is The Shoe Shop where I lived with mom for 8 years.

Hugo: Nice! But who’s taking over the shop?

Sofia: One of my mom’s old friends.

Hugo: You know Sofia, you never lie about who you were.

Sofia: Hugo! Everyone knows us before becoming Queen and Princess.

Continuing their walk around the village, Sofia finds her friends (Ruby, Jade, Lucinda, Meg&Peg) playing Dazzleball with other kids just for fun. Hugo was impressed of the way they play. Jade scores a goal.

A Village Girl: Look! It’s Princess Sofia.

Sofia: Hi everyone.

Ruby: Sofia.

Sofia: Ruby, Jade, Lucinda, good to see you.

Jade: You too Sofia, we’re glad you’re here.

Sofia: Thanks, and I think you all remember my friend Prince Hugo from Timberocks.

All (Ruby, Jade, Lucinda, Meg&Peg): Of course!

Lucinda: By the way, what brings you back to the village?

Sofia: Hugo & I are working on our school assignment called “The Royal Composition”, it’s about being royal and true to others in need.

Jade: Now that’s the right thing to learn.

Ruby: Hey Hugo, wanna play dazzleball with us?

Hugo: Sure, let’s play.

Sofia and Hugo started playing dazzleball with friends and other village kids all the way till the end. After taking a break from the game, they all spotted James with his horse and Zandar with his flying carpet on their way to the village. Sofia and Hugo are getting ready to leave without James and Zandar knowing.

Sofia: Ruby, Jade. James and Zandar are also working on the assignment too. So please, keep them busy and help them learn what’s it like to be royal and help others in need.

Jade: Don’t worry Sofia. I’ll help James and Ruby will help Zandar on their assignment.

Ruby: We’ll make sure they learn everything about royalty and responsibility.

Sofia: Thanks. (Hoping on Minimus) Go Minimus, KYAAH!

Hugo: Up we go Electra, KYAAH!

With Sofia and Hugo leaving the village, James and Zandar receive a surprise welcome from the village kids.



James: Wow! I never expected to be greeted like that, what’s all this about?

Jade: It’s about a true prince earning respect from the people.

Zandar (advising James): James, this is our chance to learn from the villagers about true royalty as part of the assignment.

Jade&Ruby (pretending): What assignment?

James: Miss Flora gave us an assignment yesterday called “The Royal Composition”.

Zandar: Where students get a chance to learn what’s it like to be a true royal person.

James: And we have to finish the composition before Monday.

Zandar: But we don’t know where to start.

Lucinda (acting like a royal sorceress): Fear not you’re royal highnesses, the people of the village are here to help you learn the true meaning of royalty for a future king of the kingdom.

James: As Crown Prince Of Enchancia, Zandar and I appreciate all of your help and ready to learn. Jade, Ruby, guide us around the village for a tour so we can meet with all the villagers, and then we can all play dazzleball just for fun.

Jade&Ruby: As you command, you’re royal highnesses.

It’s almost midday. Sofia, Hugo, and their horses are in a valley where Sofia met Carol Of The Arrow and her Merry Band Of Helping Hands long ago.

Hugo: Sofia, why are we here?

Sofia: To have a little picnic and focus on our composition.

Hugo: Great idea. We really need a break to focus.

Sofia releases Carpy The Magic Carpet from her backpack (transforming into carpetbag) and orders it to stretch into a picnic blanket. Then, she brought in a few snacks from her carpetbag to enjoy and talk about the composition with Hugo. Minimus and Electra are enjoying the view of the valley peacefully, until Carol showed up with her merry band jumping off the tree branches, flipping in the sky and land surprisingly in front of the kids and their horses.

Carol: Hey there Sofia.

Sofia: Carol, Jane, and the merry band, it is good to see you.

Jane: We are happy to see you too Sofia. It has been awhile since you joined our merry band.

Hugo: Sofia what are they talking about?

Sofia: I became part of Carol’s Merry Band Of Helping Hands.

Carol: And she is always welcomed to join us at anytime.

Jane: Our mission is to help people in need and do good deeds.

Hugo: Cool!

Carol: By the way, what brings you both to the valley?

Sofia: Hugo and I are just having a little picnic while focusing on our school assignment. Would you like to join us?

Carol: We would love too.

Carol and her band join Sofia and Hugo for a picnic, helping them with their assignment, teaching them new flips, archery lesson, and helping others. Mid-Afternoon, Sofia and Hugo are getting ready to leave the valley, thanking and waving goodbye to the merry band. While flying with their horses, the kids are wondering what to do next until Count Barnstorm and the Flying Starwings showed up on their way to Timberocks. Minimus is so excited to see his parents again.

Hugo (while following them): Wow! They look very talented, who are they?

Sofia: Count Barnstorm and his Flying Starwings Horse Show, they do flying stunts and tricks. My Grandmother and I joined them as Amateurs for the show. Come on.

Hugo: Cool! Where do you think they are going to?

Sofia: Let’s ask him. (Calling The Count) Count Barnstorm wait up.

Barnstorm (stopping in mid-air): Who’s calling my name?

Sofia: It’s me, Princess Sofia Of Enchancia. My Grandmother and I joined your show as Amateurs a few months ago.

Barnstorm: Oh Yes, I remember.

Sofia: Where are you all going?

Barnstorm: We’re on our way to Timberocks for our show, which will begin tomorrow afternoon after rehearsal.

Hugo: Timberocks? That’s my kingdom.

Barnstorm: And you might be.

Hugo: Prince Hugo Of Timberocks, my Dad’s name is King Garrick.

Barnstorm: A great honor to meet you Prince Hugo.

Hugo: Come on! Let’s all head to my Castle.

Barnstorm: Lead the way.

Arriving to Timberocks’ Castle Arena on time, preparing the tents, getting ready for rehearsal, and practicing their stunts. Hugo was impressed.

Sofia: So Hugo! Are you excited about the show tomorrow?

Hugo: I sure am, but I’ve never made stunts like this before.

Sofia: Why not take part of the Amateur Stunt Flyer contest? The winner will earn a Flying Starwings Gold Medallion.

Hugo: I wish! But this will take lots of practice to do some stunts.

Sofia: Don’t worry Hugo, Minimus and I will help you and Electra find a way to practice, and a perfect way to finish our assignment. But right now, it’s getting late. (Hoping on Minimus getting ready to return home) I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning making time finishing our composition and practicing your stunts before and after the show.

Hugo: Great idea, I can hardly wait. See you tomorrow Sofia.

Sofia: Back to the manor house Minimus, KYAAH!

Argus and Gemina watching their son Minimus flying like a true champ, feeling so proud of him. Electra was standing next to them and appreciated Minimus and Sofia’s encouragement for tomorrow’s show.

Sunday morning. Sofia (wearing her protector outfit) and Minimus arrived back to Timberocks Castle and welcomed by King Garrick who is doing some workout before heading into royal business.

Sofia: Good Morning, You’re Majesty.

Garrick: Good Morning Princess Sofia, getting ready for the show today?

Sofia: Yep! And finish the composition in no time. Is Hugo inside?

Garrick: He’s in the arena practicing his stunts for the Amateur Stunt Flyer contest. But he looks frustrated.

Sofia: Don’t worry You’re Majesty. He just needs some time to concentrate and work harder, and I’ll make sure he’ll do it right.

Garrick: Thank you Princess. I’ll leave you with Hugo while I finish my business on time before the show.

Sofia and Minimus walking towards the arena watching Hugo and Electra practicing their stunts, but nothing went right for them. Sofia gives Minimus time to spend with his parents while she checks on Hugo and Electra.

Sofia: Good Morning Hugo.

Hugo: Good Morning Sofia.

Sofia: Wow! You look tired. What’s wrong?

Hugo: I was practicing my new stunts for the show, but could not get it right.

Sofia: I know just a place, Wildwing Valley.

Hugo: What is Wildwing Valley?

Sofia: It’s a hidden valley where enchanted creatures including flying horses living wild and free, big enough to practice all the stunts. Mazzimo, Minimus’ brother lives there.

Hugo: Well what are we waiting for, let’s go.

Sofia: Before we go, let me ask the count first.

Hugo: For what?

Sofia: You’ll see Hugo. Count Barnstorm is it OK if we take Argus and Gemina with us for practice in a valley.

Barnstorm: Of course Princess. But remember, the show will start at three in the afternoon.

Sofia: We’ll be back early before the show, we promise.

Sofia, Hugo, and their horses flying on their way to Wildwing Valley with Argus and Gemina joining them.

Hugo (while reaching the Glittering Gorge): Sofia, this place looks like a dead end and I don’t see the valley.

Sofia: It’s a hidden valley Hugo, this mountain is just an illusion. Trust me.

Hugo, Electra, and Minimus’ parents closed their eyes.

Sofia (after reaching the valley): Everyone open your eyes, and welcome to Wildwing Valley.

Hugo: Cool, I have never seen a valley like this filled with flying horses.

Sofia and Minimus spotted Mazzimo and Tempest with five little flying horses (3 sons, 2 daughters) drinking fresh water in a river near a waterfall, while Hugo and Electra are still flying around the valley.

Minimus (flying down): HEY MAZZIMO.

Mazzimo (looking up): MINIMUS, good to see you again bro.

Sofia: Hi Mazzimo.

Mazzimo: Hello Princess Sofia.

Tempest: Good to see again Princess.

Sofia: You too Tempest.

Gemina: MAZZIMO.

Mazzimo: MOM, DAD, am I glad to see you.

Argus: We are happy to see you too son.

Gemina: And who are these lovely little horses.

Tempest (whistling): Kids, come meet our guests.

Mazzimo: Mom, Dad, meet your grandchildren. And Minimus, you’re now an Uncle.

Sofia: They’re so adorable.

Minimus (jumping happily): I’m an Uncle, yey.

The little horses are happy to meet their grandparents and their Uncle Minimus.

Hugo: What’s going on Sofia?

Sofia (with one little horse cuddling): Mazzimo and Tempest raised five beautiful flying horses. Aren’t they adorable?

Hugo (surrounded by two other little horses): They sure are Sofia. But don’t you think it’s time to practice?

Sofia: You’re right Hugo, we almost forgot. Wait here. Mazzimo, we need your help. Hugo has to practice stunts for the Starwings Horseshow; he’s taking part of the Amateur Stunt Flyer contest.

Mazzimo: No problem Princess, just follow us up in the air and you’ll see what we can do for Hugo.

Sofia: Thanks Mazzimo. Come on Hugo, time to hit the skies.

Hugo: And finish our assignment.

Sofia, Hugo, Minimus, Electra, Argus, Gemina, Mazzimo, Tempest, and their kids all joining Marshand, Ellegra, and the rest of the horses flying around Wildwing Valley for a tour, practicing their stunts, and creating new moves (Sofia and Hugo performing a song in this part of the story).

After a successful practice, Sofia and Hugo are getting ready to return to Timberocks two hours before the show. Thanking and waving goodbye to all the enchanted creatures of Wildwing Valley.

The show is about to start in 10 minutes, and Hugo’s warming up while waiting. Sofia and Minimus wishing good luck to Hugo and Electra before joining King Garrick and family to watch the show.

Barnstorm (opening the show): Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the Flying Starwings horses and riders performing their stunts.

While waiting for his turn as an amateur, Hugo was impressed of the pro riders’ performance. Electra wasn’t sure if she can do it or not, but Minimus encouraged her to believe in herself and be brave. Electra appreciated Minimus’ encouragement and ready to perform with Hugo.

Barnstorm: And now, we present to you the Amateur Stunt Flyer contest, and there’s only one volunteer who’s ready to perform. Please welcome Prince Hugo of Timberocks and his magnificent horse Electra.

Sofia, King Garrick and his family (Queen Avery, Prince Axel, and Princess Zoey), and the rest of the audience are all cheering for Hugo and Electra performing fantastic new stunt moves. Count Barnstorm and his team were impressed. Because they are the only volunteers in the kingdom, Hugo and Electra win the contest and earn the Flying Starwings Gold Medallion.

Garrick: Way to go Champ, we’re so proud of you.

Hugo: Thanks Dad.

Axel: Congratulations Little Bro, you really deserve this medallion.

Hugo: Thanks Big Bro. (Looking at Sofia) Hey Sofia.

Sofia: Hey Hugo, fantastic performance you got here.

Hugo: Thanks Sofia, I couldn’t have done it without you, Minimus, and all of the other horses of Wildwing Valley.

With Sofia and Hugo still looking at each other, King Garrick calls for a quick celebration and everyone’s invited.

Monday Morning at Royal Prep, each pair of students read their composition they finished the whole weekend. All earned between good, very good, and excellent grades, but Sofia and Hugo earned an A+ with highest honors by Miss Flora. All of the students congratulated them for the composition they wrote.

Meanwhile during recess, Sofia saw Hugo talking to Desmond wondering what’s going to happen. She takes a closer look and turns out to be OK. Hugo gave Desmond one of his two Championship Wristbands and both become friends.

Sofia (sitting next to Hugo): Great job Hugo, you made Desmond happy, I’m proud of you.

Hugo: Thanks Sofia. It’s the least I can do to make it up to him. By the way, I’m glad that you and I worked on the composition together, it was the best weekend ever.

Sofia: And I’m glad you learned everything and won the amateur contest.

At the end, Sofia, Hugo, and all of the students gather to watch Vivian and Desmond playing with their favorite musical instruments.

Ending Credits Background: Royal Prep, Tilly’s Manor House, Wildwing Valley, and Timberocks Castle.