Sofia and her friends go on a trip to The Whispering Woods for the second time and discovers that the woods are enchanted with Magical Pixies and Sprites living there.

New Characters:

Queen Crystella: The Pixie Fairy Queen Of The Whispering Woods Silver Tree.

Prince Silverado: Queen Crystella's older son and Crown Prince.

Princess Purpllina and Princess Pinkybella: Queen Crystella's twin daughters.

The Sprites Of The Whispering Woods.


The story begins at Tilly’s Manor House were Sofia currently lives (wearing her Royal Gardening Outfit from the episode “Carol Of The Arrow”). Sofia is getting ready for a picnic at The Whispering Woods along with her friends (Minimus, Clover, Whatnaught, Robin, Mia, and Carpy The Secret Library’s Magic Carpet). She asked Chief Gnorman of the garden gnomes if Gnina (his daughter) can join them for a picnic, and he said “Yes”.

Tilly (showing up to check on Sofia): Getting ready for your picnic Sofia?

Sofia: Yes Aunt Tilly, all the stuff I packed for the picnic is right here in my carpetbag (transforming to backpack).

Tilly: Good! But I was thinking Sofia, how about inviting the Gargoyles.

Sofia: I’m not sure Aunt Tilly. But if I release them, will they promise to behave?

Tilly: I’m sure they will Sofia. Once they get out of their stone, blow this green whistle and they’ll come down to us and obey.

Sofia: Alright Aunt Tilly, I’ll give it a try. Mr. Spruce, please play the green roll.

Spruce: Right away Princess.

Spruce plays the green roll on the Ballerina Music Box to release the Gargoyles. Once out of their stone, they start flying around happy as always. Sofia blows the green whistle and the Gargoyles land, thinking it was Tilly blowing the whistle.

Tilly: Alright boys listen up, my niece Sofia lives here now and you will do anything she commands.

Sofia: That’s right, and I’m inviting you Gargoyles to join us on a trip to The Whispering Woods for a picnic, but only if you promise to behave.

Muck: A picnic?

Gunk: YEAH!

Grime: We’ll behave.

Muck: Anything you say Princess, awaiting your command.

Sofia: Good! Is everyone ready?

All (Sofia’s animal friends, Gnina, and the Gargoyles): YEAH!

Sofia: Go Minimus.

Minimus: Whispering Woods, here we come.

Tilly: Have fun Sofia.

Sofia; I will Aunt Tilly, bye.

Arriving to The Whispering Woods in front of the Silver Tree (and the new road around it) were Sofia missed the rest of the trip (when her father King Roland was checking on some road works during the episode “Sofia In Elvenmoor”) before landing to Elvenmoor.

Sofia: OK everyone listen up, before we head to Elvenmoor, let’s prepare all the stuff for the picnic and look around the woods. Carpy, picnic blanket please.

Carpy stretches and transforms into a large-sized picnic blanket. While Sofia and Gnina are preparing all the stuff from the carpetbag, Minimus decides to lie down and enjoy some fresh air peacefully.

Sofia (calling and ringing the hand bell): OK everyone, it’s time for lunch.

All gathered and enjoying their lunch.

Meanwhile, Elfred (the keeper of The Whispering Woods and Elvenmoor’s Silver Tree from the episode “Sofia In Elvenmoor”) came out of Elvenmoor’s gateway and by surprise, he sees Sofia and Friends cleaning up the picnic area after lunch, putting all the stuff back to the carpetbag (transforming to backpack) and continue their tour around the woods before heading to Elvenmoor.

Elfred: Princess Sofia?

Sofia: Oh Hi Elfred, it’s good to see you.

Elfred: It is good to see you too Princess, what brings you all to the woods?

Sofia: Enjoying our picnic and looking around the rest of the woods before heading to Elvenmoor. By the way, is Elfonso with you?

Elfred: No, he’s down in Elvenmoor having fun as usual. But since you are here, I need your help.

Sofia: Is something wrong?

Elfred: No! I just need to talk to you about something important.

Sofia: OK Elfred. Clover! Take our friends to Elvenmoor while I check with Elfred about something important.

Clover: You got it Sof. Forever carrots here I come.

Sofia: Have fun everyone.

All of her friends (animal friends and Gargoyles) are in Elvenmoor right now, except Gnina, Minimus, and Whatnaught. Gnina wants to stay with Sofia (hopping on her shoulder), Minimus can’t fit in the Silver Tree’s gateway to Elvenmoor, and Whatnaught hops on Minimus’ head incase Sofia needs some help.

Sofia: So what’s the emergency Elfred?

Elfred knocking his magical stick on the Silver Tree and reveals that inside each top (the Silver Tree and other trees in the woods) lives the magical colorful Pixie Fairies (similar to Tinkerbell and the Disney Fairies, but same size and can talk to humans&animals), and inside each bottom ground lives the magical colorful Sprites (same size of the Wee Sprites) who made The Whispering Woods enchanted.

Sofia, Gnina, Minimus, and Whatnaught were excited to meet the fairies and the sprites. Elfred introduces Sofia to Queen Crystella (The Pixie Fairy Queen of The Whispering Woods), her son Crown Prince Silverado, and her twin daughters Princess Purpllina and Princess Pinkybella.

Sofia (To the Queen): Nice to meet you Your Majesty.

Crystella: You to Princess Sofia, welcome back to Whispering Woods.

Silverado: Elfred told us all about you.

Purpllina: We want to thank you for saving our tree from the road workers.

Pinkybella: And made your father telling them that the road will go around the tree.

Sofia: Our pleasure everyone. But tell me, is there something wrong?

Elfred: Yes Princess! The road became a huge problem for our friends the sprites.

Crystella: It is wide open, and it is hard for them to cross during their work.

Sofia: Why not try to dig a hole, build a tunnel under the road, and cross?

A Talking Sprite: We don’t have anything to dig.

Whatnaught had an idea, trying to tell Sofia about it but couldn’t understand. Luckily, the pixies and the sprites understand squirrel language, and the pixie twins do all the translation.

Purpllina: Whatnaught says he’ll bring his friends from the valley not far from the woods. Squirrels, Chipmunks, Beavers, and Moles.

Pinkybella: But he wants you and your horse to take him there and bring them here.

Sofia: Lead the way Whatnaught (hopping on Minimus with Whatnaught and Gnina joining). Elfred! My friends are still in Elvenmoor, take care of them while we bring some of Whatnaught’s friends to the woods.

Elfred: Rest assured Princess, I’ll make sure they’re having a great time with Elfonso.

Sofia: Let’s go Minimus, KYAH.

Crystella: Good luck Princess.

Three minutes later, Sofia returned with Carpy the Magic Carpet carrying Whatnaught’s friends to the woods. Coming up with a perfect plan, the moles started digging tunnels under the road from tree to tree and shortcut tunnels to the Silver Tree. The beavers brought a few pieces of woods, strong enough to hold the underground tunnels for safety. Sofia uses her shrinking abilities to check inside the tunnels.

The tunnels under the road are now completed and opened for all of the sprites to cross easily, thanking Sofia and Whatnaught for all of their help.

Sofia: We couldn’t have done it without Whatnaught and his friends who did a great job today.

Crystella: Indeed, and you’re all welcomed to visit at anytime.

Purpllina: You were good on using your shrinking ability.

Pinkybella: If you were a pixie fairy like us, we would show you around the pixie village inside the silver tree.

Sofia: You’re right (holding her amulet), I wish to be a pixie fairy.

Sofia’s amulet glows and transform her into a fairy (from the episode "The Mystic Isles: Undercover Fairies"), with shrinking ability.

Everyone’s shocked and excited. Queen Crystella gave her twin daughters permission to show Sofia around the pixie village inside the silver tree.

Returning to her human form, Sofia and everyone in the woods are heading to Elvenmoor, but only one problem.

Minimus: Sofia, I’m too big to fit in that little gateway and I don’t want to be alone here.

Sofia: You’re right Minimus. Elfred, is there another way to Elvenmoor? I can’t leave my horse alone.

Elfred: Yes Princess, hold on (picking up something from his magical handbag). Feed Minimus these apples, the green apple will teleport him to Elvenmoor, and the yellow apple back to the woods.

Sofia: Great! Here you go Minimus.

Minimus (eating the green apple): DELLICOUS!

Meanwhile at Elvenmoor, everyone’s having fun (Sofia, Gnina, Carpy The Magic Carpet, Minimus, Clover, Robin, Mia, Whatnaught&Friends, Gargoyles, Elfonso, Elfred, the Elves Of Elvenmoor, the pixie fairies, and the sprites), enjoying all kinds of rides and attractions (Upside-Downsey Slide, Thrilly Lilypad, Silverspray Stream, Rockbeat Garden, Bubble Field, and Spinning Mushrooms).

Few minutes later back at The Whispering Woods after having all the fun in Elvenmoor, Sofia and her friends are getting ready to head back to The Manor House, waving goodbye to everyone in the woods.

Sofia: Queen Crystella, is it OK if your twin daughters come and visit me at the Manor House?

Crystella: Of course Princess, they’ll visit you at anytime as long as they don’t go anywhere else.

Sofia: Thank you Your Majesty. OK everyone, let’s go home, KYAH!

Sofia and her friends (Gnina, Carpy, Minimus, Clover, Whatnaught, Robin, Mia, and The Gargoyles) are flying back to the Manor House after having all the fun between The Whispering Woods and Elvenmoor, and meeting with the pixie fairies and the sprites.

The End.

Ending Credits Background: The Whispering Woods’ Silver Tree.