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Following Tilly's footsteps, Sofia decides to move to the Manor House and live a country life with her Aunt, continuing her journey as Story Keeper, protector, and Adventurer without leaving Royal Prep.

New Characters:

Cowboy Spurs: Spruce's hobgoblin cousin, he's incharge of the Manor's barnhouse. Wearing a Cowboy Costum with spurs on hat, boots, and vest. He speaks Cowboy Accent.

Chef Smores: Spruce's hobgoblin cousin, he's the Chef who comes every morning to Tilly's Manorhouse kitchen preparing meals and desserts in no time. Wearing a Chef's outfit and speaks French Accent

Chief Gnorman: He's the leader of the Garden Gnomes, incharge of the Manor's Garden/Orchard.

Gnina: She's Chief Gnorman's Daughter, becoming a new friend of Sofia.

New Locations:

Manor's BarnHouse: Located on the left next to Tilly's Manor House. It also has a stable for horses.

Manor's Garden/Orchard: Located behind Tilly's Manor House. It plants all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

New Objects:

Sofia's Magical CarpetBag/BackPack: Read the plot.

Sofia's Magical Crystalline Carriage/Sled: Read the plot.

Sofia's Disguised Umbrella/Magic Sword: Read the plot.

Sofia's Disguised HandFan/Sceptor: Read the plot.

Carpy: The Secret Library's Magic Carpet (from the game) that flies and teleports a story keeper to/from The Secret Library Hollow Tree. It can transform into anything such as a tent for camping or quick change, and can stretch to become a blanket for picnic.


At the beginning of the story, the Royal Family of Enchancia (Roland, Miranda, Amber, James, Aunt Tilly, and Grand Mum), friends from Royal Prep (Hugo, Vivian, Desmond, Kari, Zandar, Zoey, Clio, Hildegard, Lekshmi, Derek, Chad, Khaled&Maya&Lena, Jun&Jin), Sofia’s friends (Ruby, Jade, Lucinda, Meg&Peg, and Mandy), and Sofia’s animal friends (Minimus, Clover, What-Nut, Robin, and Mia) all celebrating Sofia’s birthday at the castle and received a few presents from all of them. The Party just ended hours later and everyone’s returning home.

Meanwhile, the royal family is on their way to bed but Tilly and Grand Mum are ready to leave back to where they currently live.

Sofia: Aunt Tilly, can’t you stay with us for just one night before leaving tomorrow?

Tilly: I wish I can Sofia, but more adventures are waiting for me. Anyway, on your way to your bedroom, there is a letter on your desk and some birthday presents waiting for you.

Sofia: What are they?

Tilly: Just read the letter, open the presents before bedtime and you’ll know everything, but only by yourself.

Sofia: I will Aunt Tilly, thanks.

Back to her bedroom, Sofia reads Tilly’s letter and opens the presents.

1st Present: a magical purple/ruby pink carpetbag looking just like Tilly’s according to her letter, there is a magic word that allows Sofia to transform the carpetbag into a magical purple/ruby pink backpack (same backpack Sofia uses it when going to school) so she can carry it easily, it can transform back to carpetbag so she can put all kinds of objects and stuff (just like Tilly does with her carpetbag quoting “everything I need is right here” from the episode “Great Aunt-venture”).

2nd Present: according to Tilly’s letter, there’s a magical crystalline carriage in the royal stable also has a magic word that allows Sofia to transform it into a magical crystalline sled (the same sled Sofia was riding along with Minimus from the episode “Olaf & The Tale Of Miss Nettle”).

3rd Present: a purple/ruby pink umbrella, purple/ruby pink hand fan, and a magical spell book with a hidden paper in the last page containing magic words that transforms the disguised umbrella into a magic sword (remembering Tilly’s quotes “the umbrella can be mightier than the sword” from the episode “The Secret Library”) and the disguised hand fan into a sceptor (the same sceptor Sofia has from the game “Royal Bubble Rescue”).

Last few words from Tilly’s letter:

“Sofia, I know you’ll become a great adventurer. You’re always welcome to my Manor House at anytime.

Love, Aunt Tilly.”

The next morning after reading Tilly’s letter, Sofia makes a big decision. She wants to move to the Manor House and live there with Tilly. Her family was normally shocked asking why.

Sofia: Because, I have to continue my journey and what’s it like for a princess to go on adventures and see the world around me.

Miranda: But what about school Sofia?

Sofia: Two simple things, either with Minimus or with Tilly’s Coach.

Roland: Are you sure about this Sofia?

Sofia: Yes Dad, but don’t worry, I’ll come visit you all, and that’s a promise.

Roland: If this is your decision, then we’re all going to miss you.

James: The castle won’t be the same without you Sofia, we really are going to miss you.

Sofia: Me too James, but I can still see you and Amber back at school.

Few minutes later Sofia wears her Ruby Pink adventure outfit (from the episode “The Bamboo Kite”) and starts packing everything she needs (including the disguised umbrella and hand fan) and put them on her new carpetbag Tilly gave her, then transforms it into a backpack. Her new 2-in-1 crystalline carriage installed behind Minimus is now ready to go.

Sofia giving her family (Roland, Miranda, Amber, James) a big hug, hops on her carriage with her animal friends (Clover, What-Nut “hoping on Minimus’ back and head”, Robin, and Mia) waving goodbye to everyone in the castle (Constable Myles, Baileywick, Cedric, Violet, the stable boy, and a talking Coachman).

Sofia: Let’s go Minimus.

Minimus: And away we go.

Arriving early evening to the Manor House, Sofia gets a great welcome from Tilly and Spruce.

Tilly: Sofia, welcome to your new home.

Sofia: Thanks Aunt Tilly.

Spruce: Princess Sofia, it’s good to see you again.

Sofia: You too Mr. Spruce. Is there a stable for Minimus and a place for my animal friends around here?

Spruce: Of course Princess, there is a barn house next to the Manor were they can live peacefully, it also has a stable so your horse can get some rest. My Hobgoblin cousin Cowboy Spurs is in charge of the barn, he’ll take good care of your animal friends.

Sofia: Thank you Mr. Spruce.

Spruce: You’re welcome Princess. Right now, I’ll show you to your new room.

Sofia’s new room is located at the last upper floor on the right of the Manor House. Not as big as her room from the castle, but big enough it has a bed, a desk for reading/writing and doing her homework, and a big closet for her clothes and accessories. Transforming the backpack to carpetbag, Sofia starts putting all of her clothes to her new closet and the rest of her stuff around her new room. All set and finished.

Spruce (ringing his hand bell): Dinner is served Princess.

Sofia (wearing her nightgown with robe): I’ll be down in a minute Mr. Spruce.

Waiting to come down the main floor, Spruce shows Sofia to the dining room (located at the ground floor on the left of the Manor House) where Tilly is waiting for her and have dinner together.

It is almost bedtime and Sofia is getting ready to go to sleep, hoping her first day at the Manor House will go well.

The sun rises the next morning on her first day in the Manor House, Sofia waking up rising and shining looking at the window: What a beautiful morning here.

Spruce (knocking on Sofia’s bedroom door): Good Morning Princess Sofia, requesting permission to enter.

Sofia: Good Morning Mr. Spruce, come in.

Spruce (entering): How’s your first night at the Manor?

Sofia: It was great, I slept very well last night without any noise. So Mr. Spruce, what do you think I should do on my first day here?

Spruce: Take a little tour around the Manor to learn more. Breakfast will be ready in no time.

Sofia: Thank you Mr. Spruce, I will go get dressed and be down in a minute.

Sofia wears her Royal Gardening outfit (from the episode “Carol Of The Arrow”) and heads down to the kitchen for breakfast. She meets with Spruce’s Hobgoblin cousin named Chef Smores (wearing the Chef’s outfit).

Sofia: Mr. Spruce, is he another one of your cousins?

Spruce: Yes Princess, his name is Chef Smores, he comes to the kitchen every morning preparing meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and desserts (for all kinds of special occasions).

Smores (he speaks English in a French way): Bonjour Princess Sofia, it is a great honor to meet with the youngest Princess Of Enchencia.

Sofia: It is nice to meet you too Chef.

Smores: Your blueberry pancakes are ready.

Sofia: Wow! You know my favorite meal.

Smores: Wee Princess, I know every person’s favorite meal.

Sofia: Thanks Chef.

After finishing her breakfast, Sofia starts touring inside the rest of the Manor House. It has a library were Sofia can find all kinds of books to read. It also has a workshop located up in the attic for practicing magic & sorcery skills.

Continuing her tour, Sofia heads outside the Manor House to visit the barn (located next to the Manor on the left) and check on her animal friends. She meets with Spruce’s Hobgoblin cousin Cowboy Spurs (wearing the Cowboy’s outfit with spurs on his Cowboy Boots, Hat, and Vest).

Sofia: Good Morning, Cowboy Spurs.

Spurs: HOW-DEE DOO Princess, how is your first day at the Manor?

Sofia: It was great, how are my animal friends doing in the barn?

Spurs: See for yourself Princess.

Sofia (calling her animal friends): Minimus, Clover, What-Nut, Robin, Mia.

Clover: Hey Sof, good to see you.

Sofia: How do like the barn house?

Minimus: Feels like a new home.

Athena (Tilly’s horse running to see Sofia): Sofia, am I glad to see you.

Sofia: You too Athena.

Spurs: You see Princess, I make sure all the animals in the barn are taking very good care and feel like a new home. Want to look around the rest of the barn?

Sofia: Sure.

After touring the barn, Sofia now heads to the garden/orchard located behind the Manor House. She meets with the Garden Gnomes for the second time (first time when Tilly mentioned the Garden Gnomes invited to the Garden Party from the episode “Minding The Manor”), and their leader Chief Gnorman.

Sofia: Good Morning Gnomes.

Gnorman: Good Morning Princess, the Duchess told me all about you. My name is Chief Gnorman, and I am the leader of the Garden Gnomes in charge of this garden.

Sofia: Nice to meet you Chief.

Gnorman (calling one of the Gnomes): Gnina, the Princess is here, (talking back to Sofia) this is my daughter Gnina.

Sofia: Nice to meet you Gnina.

Gnina: A great honor to meet you too Princess Sofia.

Sofia: What are you all doing today?

Gnorman: Today we are heading to the tomato orchard to pick up tomatoes that are 100% fresh. Would you like to join us and look around the orchard Princess?

Sofia: Sure! I will go get the basket and we will all pick up the tomatoes together to start my first day at the Manor.

Chief Gnorman gives the order to get to work, Gnina shows Sofia around the orchard and pick up the tomatoes together. After a busy long day filling up all of the tomatoes in each basket, Sofia gets a call from Spruce signaling lunchtime with Tilly returning home waiting at the Manor House Ground terrace. In addition, Sir Bartleby (cameo appearance) is here for lunch.

Sofia: Thanks for showing me around the tomato orchard Chief, I had a great time picking up tomatoes with all of the Gnomes.

Gnorman: You’re welcome anytime Princess.

Sofia (before heading to lunch): Chief Gnorman, is it OK if Gnina join us for lunch?

Gnorman: Sure Princess! But only if she stays with you.

Sofia: Don’t worry Chief, I’ll take good care of her.

Gnina hops on Sofia’s shoulder and head to the terrace for lunch with Tilly & Sir Bartleby. Few minutes later after lunch, Gnina thanked Sofia and heads home back to the garden.

Meanwhile, Sofia heads back to her room wondering what to do next. Suddenly, Sofia’s Amulet glows a blue light pointing on The Secret Library’s key book and a carpet, which turns out to be The Secret Library’s Magic Carpet coming out of the carpetbag (the same Magic Carpet from “The Secret Library” game app). The Amulet’s blue light signals Sofia to sit on the carpet and read the last page of the key book that has a magic word teleporting Sofia and the carpet to The Secret Library Hollow Tree. The carpet takes Sofia on a flight to the Valley outside the Hollow Tree for a tour and heads back inside the tree. Sofia reads the magic word on the last page of the key book again, teleporting her and the carpet back to the Manor House.

It is almost bedtime and Sofia is heading back to her room, feeling tired and sleeping happily after having an amazing first day in the Manor House, the Manor’s barn house, and the Manor’s garden/orchard with the Garden Gnomes.

One week later, Sofia is getting ready to head back to Royal Prep (with her carpetbag turning into backpack and The Magic Carpet rolling itself and shrinking to fit in the backpack) so she can continue her education there. Cowboy Spurs built a purple/ruby pink royal coach for Sofia and he will do the honor to be her coachman. Arriving straight from the Manor House to Royal Prep, Sofia’s siblings and friends are all waiting for her before the school bell rings. The bell rings in the afternoon, all students are heading back to their homes and Sofia back to the Manor House where she currently lives.

End of the story, but Sofia’s journey continues. Living a new life in the Manor House with Tilly, and her adventures as a Story Keeper and protector will go on.

Ending Credits’ Background: Tilly’s Manor House.