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  • Jethawk1976

    During her first visit to Ramblingham, Sofia met with Lady Joy's brother and his two friends, and discovered that they are a perfect match for Amber, Hildegard, and Clio. Encouraging them to go to Royal Prep were they can learn everything about royalty, attending every class and every activity, and make new friends.

    Prince Gregory: He is Lord Gilbert's son and Lady Joy's big brother. He has James' and Hugo's age, width, and height. Blond hair like his father and his sister. Early young man's voice like Hugo. His signature outfit looks similar to his father's outfit (without a cape). Thanks to Sofia's encouragement, Gregory has a crush on Amber after hearing that she is Sofia's big sister and Princess of Enchancia. Dreaming of going to Royal…

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  • Jethawk1976

    Sofia meets her future self-character as part of her school assignment.

    Ramblingham: The major city and capitol town of Enchancia. Inspired by the historical european cities from the 18th/19th Century such as: London, Paris, and a few other cities around Europe.

    The story begins at Royal Prep on a Friday afternoon were Miss Flora is giving a new assignment called “Imagine The Future”, the students must come out with some enchanted ideas of their future imaginations using any kind of arts and music. The bell rings in the afternoon and the students are heading home.

    Sofia arrives back to the Manor House where she currently lives (still in her Ruby Pink Signature Dress), walking to the living room waiting for lunch feeling a little tired.

    Tilly (…

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  • Jethawk1976

    Tilly tells Sofia a good story about her time when she was a Princess and a Story Keeper.

    Princess Tilly: Duchess Tilly when she was a 10 year old Princess and a Story Keeper.

    Prince Roland: King Roland The 2nd when he was an 8 year old Prince.

    Queen Mum: Grand Mum when she was the Queen Of Enchancia.

    King Roland The 1st: He was the King Of Enchancia and father of Tilly and Roland.

    Dreadful Dragon Of Dashood.


    The story begins on a big stormy blizzard day on a late afternoon at Tilly’s Manor House were Sofia currently lives (wearing her village outfit from the episode “The Baker King” with her Amulet showing). Sofia and her garden gnome friend Gnina are lending Chef Smores a hand for finishing a few cooks, bakes, and clean-ups in the kitc…

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  • Jethawk1976

    According to The Secret Library, Sofia has to save Calista who will become the chosen wearer and keeper of the "Magic Dragon" gemstones.

    Flavette: A magical female red dragon (looking a little bit like Flambeau, but colored red) released from the "Magic Dragon" gemstones and becomes Calista's guardian. Her magical firepowers are so fast and strong. She can even desguise herself into any kind of animal using these powers.

    The Magic Dragon: Two magical gemstones consisting of the "Dragon Heart" collared necklace and the "Dragon Pearl" scepter, both gemstones are colored red. These objects are only used for emergency, good deeds, and great responsibility. Calista is the chosen wearer and keeper.

    The story begins at Tilly’s Manor House were Sofia…

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  • Jethawk1976

    The story begins at Royal Prep’s Sorcery Class were Cedric already received a message from Miss Flora to step in as substitute teacher for the second time, earning lots of respect and warm welcome from the students.

    Meanwhile at Royal Prep’s Dance Class, Miss Elodie is planning a new play about a legendary brave sorcerer and the love of his life. The tryouts are almost complete, but still looking for one person to play a sorcerer and another person to play his love life.

    During her coffee break, Miss Elodie was walking towards every class. When crossing the Sorcery Class main door, she stopped and walks slowly towards the class to hear Cedric’s voice teaching and entertaining the students. She was impressed of the way Cedric taught them ever…

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