• Jet the Wolf

    What shocked me in Epic Mickey 2, was my second visit to ABE and the diaramas. As soon as I got to the Shadow Blot diarama, ABE suddenly said,"But what Mickey didn't know was that there was another blot: A STORM BLOT. One that could possibly destroy all of Wasteland."

    Was he talking about THIS Storm Blot?

    Were they actually thinking of bringing that idea back if they were going to make an Epic Mickey 3??? If so, here's my idea. Y'know how there was a cliffhanger in EM2? Well, the Petes would capture Oswald and brainwash him. They would then revive the Shadow Blot or use the blotling Shadow Blot, and Oswald would then merge with the blot and make the Petes inert. Depending on the choices of the player, Mickey would save Oswald using paint or t…

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