Hello again! You could probably already tell who I am, so I'm going to skip that bit. Anyways, this is my current list of plans for the wiki, which I hope those whom I have linked it to will read and decide if my ideas are in the wiki's best interest.


  • Delete articles regarding subjects that have nothing to do with Disney. (Yes, they exist)
  • Delete articles that add no new content and have already been covered in other articles (Such as the caricature subjects from films such as Mickey's Gala Premier, and The Autograph Hound, which I have already marked as candidates for deletion, unless the actors themselves have appeared in Disney media.)
  • Expand stub articles (Especially those of episodes from shows such as Recess. I intend to start this project as soon as possible, but before I do anything else, I want full approval from the administrators and anyone else who has something to say on it.)
  • Delete unneeded or false categories. (Those exist, too.)
  • Remove unneeded or false information. (Kind of obvious, have been working on that for some time, but I will try to do more with it, as I realise I haven't found the time to do as much as I'd want to with improving it)

Anyways, that's my agenda. I suppose that's it, but it does cover some subject matters that I DO wish to discuss with admins before any more action is taken.