Hey, Jenna here. 

As some of you may have noticed, I've stopped editing a while back, and in addition to business and laziness, I believe that another major factor is how disorganized this place is.

The admins on this site never really work together, they just do their own things unless someone else edits over it, and then they get mad. Nobody's gotten together to create and accomplish goals for the wiki, and those that try to do it alone end up having to give up.

What I'm trying to say, is we should reorganize our system. I propose that before any major changes, all admins should get together and discuss, including chat moderators (if it relates to chat). 

Some users have gotten a bit out of control and some chat moderators didn't take the responsibility to do anything about it, and several users had to notify other admins, who had seemingly no knowledge of the situations at hand.

I believe that all admins and chat mods should be a lot more active and respectful of each other, and of all users, interacting with them a lot more. If more admins worked with users on making the Disney Wiki a wiki to be proud of, and the best collection of information regarding Disney on the Internet.

Have a wonderful day,