Powerpuff Girls "Only Child" Read Along by Roy Dotrice

This is the story of "Only Child."  You can read along with me in your book.  You will know it's time to turn the page when you hear the laser blast sound like this...(Star Wars Blaster Sound Effect)  Let's begin now. Staying up past bedtime is a special treat for most children, and a classic movie is a good excuse to reward some children who often have to save the city before that bedtime.  On the couch's right side, sniffling BUBBLES has her stuffed octopus doll OCTI under one arm while she holds a tissue to her eyes with the other. Then, to her left BLOSSOM, also looking sad, holds a tissue in both hands. Finally, on the other end of the couch, BUTTERCUP has an open-mouthed smile as she concentrates on the television screen.   BOGART (heard on TV): You know, this could be start of a beautiful friendship. The end-title music to "Casablanca" plays and Bubbles starts to cry uncontrollably. Blossom stares at the screen while Buttercup jumps off the couch and starts to act out her favorite scene.  BUTTERCUP : We have come for you! No! BLAM! BLAM! Agh! Girl, that was AWESOME!  BUBBLES: It was so sad. Why did she leave him? He should have told her the truth.  BLOSSOM: Maybe you have to lie sometimes, when it's for someone you love.  The lights come on and PROFESSOR UTONIUM is standing in the doorway, looking tired. He rubs his eyes and then checks his watch.  PROFESSOR: I wish that I could've watched that old movie with you, but I'll be up all night anyways finishing this grant proposal.  BUBBLES: Professor, why did Rick in the movie...  PROFESSOR: Bubbles, it's late and you girls need to get to bed. I have to get back to work. That Dean Kemper is REALLY picky about our writing. I'll be up in a little while to tuck you three in.  Buttercup rises off the floor and hurries upstairs and her sisters follow slowly.  (Laser blast)  With a big smile on his face, Professor Utonium climbs the stairs and quietly peeks into the girls' bedroom.  PROFESSOR: I'm so happy that they liked that old love story, my sweet little angels. They are just so wonderful, I just can't imagine what cute and adorable things they have to say about it.  Bubbles is crying quietly again as the girls put on their pajamas. Buttercup looks at Bubbles, annoyed. B UTTERCUP: Will you cut it out, GEESH! You are such a little baby, crying over a movie.  BLOSSOM: Bubbles, you really should try to be more mature like me and Buttercup.  BUTTERCUP: Yeah, grow up girl. You're afraid of the dark, you play with stuffed animals, and you can't watch cool movies without blubbing - next you'll be wetting the bed!  BLOSSOM: Shut up, Buttercup! Just because Bubbles is not as grown-up as us is no reason to be so mean. Maybe we just shouldn't let her watch anything sensitive anymore. Bubbles looks up, more scared than angry. BUBBLES: You can't tell me what to do.  BUTTERCUP: Yes we can, Baby!  BLOSSOM: It's for your own good, Bubbles. Maybe someday you'll be able to take care of yourself, but now you need us to make sure you're okay. When I tell the Professor that you are having so many problems 'n stuff he will certainly let me order you as I see fit, to watch out for your best interests.  As the girls continue to speak, Bubbles grows more and more scared. Blossom is being serious while Buttercup is intentionally teasing her sister.  BUTTERCUP: We'll make you play more sports!  BLOSSOM: And give you extra homework to do instead of drawing all the time.  BUTTERCUP: Yeah, and if you don't do what we say then we'll send you to bed early, BEFORE Puppet Pals.  She then breaks into heavy-duty crying.  BUBBLES: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! The door slams open and Professor Utonium furiously storms into the room. Blossom and Buttercup look up at him as he picks up Bubbles, holding her head to his shoulder. As he yells at them, they hang their heads in shame.  PROFESSOR: Blossom! Buttercup! Why, I cannot imagine anyone being so cruel, so egotistical, and so downright mean to anyone, especially someone as sweet and pure as your little sister Bubbles! You ought to be ashamed!  BLOSSOM: But Bubbles can't handle...  BUTTERCUP: She shouldn't 'a...  PROFESSOR: ENOUGH! What is it!? I tried to create the perfect little girl but had to end up with YOU TWO!  Come on, Bubbles, you can sleep in my bed while THESE two think about the horrible way they treated you.  Professor quickly takes Bubbles out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Even after he is gone, the two girls stand there, looking shocked, not believing their own ears. Finally, Blossom staggers over to the bed and sits on it. Buttercup sees Octi on the floor and kicks him, while Blossom hangs her head. BUTTERCUP: Stupid baby! Little Miss Perfect!  BLOSSOM: Hey, stop that. We need to apologize to Bubbles and the Professor right now. We were really bad.  BUTTERCUP: I'm not gonna apologize, no way! Never! I wish I never had her for a stupid sister! I wish I didn't have you for a bossy sister!  BLOSSOM: Well, sometimes I wish that I didn't have you for a sister, always causing trouble and never doing what you're told!  Fighting back tears, Buttercup flies out and away while still wearing her pajamas. Blossom changes back into her normal outfit and chases after her.  (Laser blast)  All of the houses in Townsville are dark and only a few small street lamps dimly illuminate the park. Buttercup lands in the middle of the park, next to a bench and trash can, and immediately karate chops the bench in half. Looking at the trash can, she sees an advertisement for stuffed animals on the side, so she blasts it with her laser vision. A bird in a tree, woken by the commotion, chirps curiously only to be blown off her branch and all the way to downtown.  Watching her on his television in his living room, the wicked demon, Him, carefully wipes a tear from his eye with one claw as he uses the other to put down the remote control. HIM (woman's voice): Oh, this is just too much! Poor little Buttercup, so angry and destructive. It would be so good to take her under my wing and teach her how to do some REAL damage. But, alas, that will never happen (man's voice) BECAUSE, AFTER TONIGHT, SHE AND HER SISTERS WILL HAVE NEVER EXISTED!  There is a light squeaking noise as HIM picks up his rubber duck, MR. QUACKERS, who then squeaks some more as the evil one looks straight into his face.  HIM (wv): What's that, Mr. Quackers? You like this show too? Well, let's see if this show continues like we planned. HIM turns up the volume as the two watch the TV again.  (Laser blast) Blossom lands in front of Buttercup to stop her from destroying an innocent tree.  BLOSSOM: Stop! We have to put things right, and this isn't helping!  BUTTERCUP: It's your fault too, so just leave me alone! Professor only wants Bubbles and he doesn't love us.  BLOSSOM: That's not true! He's just mad at us. We should go back.  BUTTERCUP: I'm never going back. I just want to be away from you all!  BLOSSOM: Where are you gonna go? Move in with Mojo Jojo?  BUTTERCUP (sarcastically): Why not? He and the boys knew how to have a good laugh.  BLOSSOM: And we almost died. This is crazy!  BUTTERCUP: Is it!? The Professor only wanted ONE perfect little girl and instead he got us. If you really love him you'd want him to be happy.  Blossom thought about it. BLOSSOM: I always thought he was always happy, until tonight.  Buttercup starts to cry in shame.  BUTTERCUP: He was just pretending all this time. He just wanted a good little girl. Buttercup throws herself on the cold ground and Blossom lands next to her. They hug and cry together. HIM watches this deviously.  HIM (wv): Aw, how cute. Just a few nasty e-mail messages to the Professor and his boss... making sure that "Jerry Springer" is on TV when the girls get home from school.... But even I never expected that a nice old movie would be the trigger for my evil plan? Now THIS show has everything: cruelty, anger, violence, betrayal... I can only think of one way to make it a happy ending - (mv) FOR ME! (wv) Time to make a second phone call!  After placing Mr. Quackers on his skinny knee, HIM picks up the telephone and dials.  From his bed, the evil ape MOJO JOJO grabs the ringing telephone and answers it.  MOJO: Hello, this is Mojo Jojo speaking to you...  HIM (mv): It's me. (wv) Mojo, you are about to have some visitors of the pink and green variety.  MOJO: Sir! Who, the Saint Patrick's day marchers who were banned in Boston?  HIM (mv): No, you fool! The Powerpuff Girls Blossom and Buttercup. (wv) You have some work ahead of you..  MOJO: Should I blast them with my laser? Smash them with my press? Boil them in my hot tub? Or worse, make them watch late-night TV?  HIM (wv): No, Mojo, I don't want you to hurt them, I want you to help them (mv) to destroy themselves! (wv) Listen carefully: first, unlock the back door and turn on ONLY the light in...  (Laser blast)  Meanwhile, the two girls are still huddled together in grief.  BUTTERCUP (sobbing): What are we going to do? Professor doesn't want us anymore.  BLOSSOM: I don't know. We need help, but Ms. Bellum, Ms. Keane, and everyone in Townsville is asleep. We'll have to wait until morning.  Another light suddenly switches on above the park, coming from Mojo's laboratory on the extinct volcano. The girls quickly notice it.  BLOSSOM: Not my first choice, but at least he's awake.  BUTTERCUP: I hope that he's not in a bad mood, too.  The two fly up to Mojo's lair. The girls alight on the landing and Blossom knocks on the door. Before she finishes, the door opens quickly and Mojo Jojo greets the girls with a smile, wearing his pajamas.  MOJO (happily): Oh, Powerpuff Girls, I am so happy to see you here in front of me!  BLOSSOM and BUTTERCUP (surprised): You are!?  MOJO (nervous): Well, normally your arrival means that one of my schemes for world domination has failed because you have caused the failure by thwarting my schemes. However, I have insomnia and cannot sleep because that is a symptom of it, and I was just thinking how nice it would be to chat with someone I know, if only they weren't all asleep. He notices Buttercup's pajamas. MOJO: Oh you must be cold, because it is chilly outside and being that you are outside you must be so too. Come in!  (Laser blast)  The large living room is lit by a single chandelier in the center of the room, leaving dark shadows in the corners and doorways. Mojo leads the girls to the couch and gesture for them to sit. On the coffee table there is a container of ice cream and a spoon. Mojo drops a comforter on Buttercup and Blossom's laps and then scurries into the kitchen, returning with two more spoons, and hands one to each girl.  MOJO: Please, join me. Oh, I can get bowls if you want, but I thought that sharing from the same container would just be more "friendly."  BUTTERCUP (sadly): We don't deserve ice cream - we've been bad.  BLOSSOM: Yeah, and now we know how you feel.  MOJO: Really? Why is that?  Although Blossom and Buttercup had declined Mojo's offer of ice cream, as they speak and he eats some, they gradually start to take small spoonfuls themselves. As they speak with the spoons near their mouth, the cold causes the breath of all three to be seen when they speak.  BUTTERCUP: The Professor doesn't love us and he just wants to be with Bubbles. MOJO (surprised): What!? He has kicked you out?  Blossom starts to cry again. BLOSSOM: No, we left because we're bad for Bubbles, the only one the Professor ever wanted.  Even Buttercup was indignant. BUTTERCUP: Yeah, we were an accident!  MOJO : Girls, girls, I know exactly how you feel, which you must agree with because you said you know how I feel. Having gone through this, I know that there are two ways to handle this kind of situation.  BLOSSOM: How?  MOJO: The first way is to focus on your emotions, the loneliness, the betrayal, the hatred, and dedicate your life to COMPLETELY DESTROYING WHATEVER HAS CAUSED YOU TO FEEL SO BAD, MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is what I had chosen to do, until now.  BUTTERCUP: And the other way, Mojo? MOJO: Well, you could take a constructive approach which would do more good: admit your share of the responsibility for the things that you did, make peace, and try to help.  BLOSSOM: Huh?  MOJO: Well, Professor Utonium wanted a perfect little girl, right?  BUTTERCUP: Right, he just wanted someone like Bubbles.  MOJO: But THREE of you were created because of the accidental addition of Chemical X, right? BLOSSOM: Yes, so? We can't take away the chemical X now.  MOJO: No, not now, but what if you could keep the accident from ever happening? Only one of you would have been born to the Professor, and no one would be here feeling bad and eating an entire container of ice cream, which you have eaten with me.  BUTTERCUP: And the Professor would be happy...  BLOSSOM: And Bubbles would be happy. But how?  Mojo reaches in to the shadow under the coffee table and pulls out gold-rimmed crystal cordless vacuum cleaner, which is decorated with tiny dark jewels that sparkle in the dim light. On the handle is the flame-and-pitchfork logo for "WRONGCO," but Mojo quickly covers it with his thumb. The girls stare at it in awe.  MOJO: Well, it just so happens that I came across this today: a "destiny cleaner." Once activated, the participants of any event can prevent it from ever having happened, and they all lead different lives from the point of the incident.  BLOSSOM: All the participants?  MOJO: Well, it appears that you only need a majority. However, the more who agree, the stronger the solution will be. Just think, you could all have your own families - perhaps with both a father and a mother!  BUTTERCUP: Is this some kind of trick?  Mojo put a hand of his chest. MOJO: Girls, you hurt me with your accusation. Just because I have tried to destroy you, kill you, and obliterate you does not mean that I enjoy seeing you so sad. Hurting you now would be hurting myself.  BLOSSOM: Well, Mojo...  BUTTERCUP: Let's do it!  BLOSSOM: What!? Are you out of your mind!? Bubbles would never agree, no matter how mean we were to her.  BUTTERCUP: We don't need her. Look, the Professor only wanted one of us, and we deserve whatever we get. Don't you want the Professor and Bubbles to be happy?  Blossom hesitated. BLOSSOM: Well, I don't...  Suddenly, from Mojo's bedroom, the ending music of "Casablanca" can be heard. Blossom stops and thinks about Rick sacrificing his true feelings so that Ilsa could be happy.  MOJO: Oh, excuse me, but I must have left the TV on... what a great movie!  BLOSSOM: Okay, I'll do it. What do we do?  MOJO: Just tell it what you want. Speak up!  BUTTERCUP: I wish there was never an accident and I didn't have Bubbles and Blossom for sisters!  (Laser blast)  Mojo and Buttercup waited anxiously and stare at one another, but nothing happens. Mojo fiddled with the device. MOJO: Curses! The bag must be full or something.  From the shadows along the back wall, two very tall cloaked figures step into the edge of the dim light. The first one removes his hood and reveals HIMself.  HIM (wv): No, Mojo, perhaps you should make your feelings clear, too.  BUTTERCUP: You! Blossom, it's a trick!  The two girls stand up on the couch and prepare for battle.  HIM (wv): Well, Mojo, aren't you going to tell them how YOU really feel (mv) or do you want them to whoop us!?  Mojo was confused. MOJO: Why? You didn't tell me anything about...  Blossom waved a fist at Mojo. BLOSSOM: We should have known that you were up to no good, Mojo! THIS is for taking advantage of a couple of distraught little girls!  HIM (wv): Unless you want to have this scene repeated again and again, (mv) tell them how you REALLY feel!  MOJO: But I wish the accident never happened, too, but that shouldn't matter.  Mojo's breath rises and mingles with the others. The vacuum cleaner suddenly sucks up all of the eerie fog. As it does, Blossom flies at Mojo but falls to the floor as her red bow disappears. She grabs her face in pain as Buttercup jumps off of the couch to run at HIM. However, she trips over the frilly yellow dress that she is suddenly wearing and falls on her side.  HIM (wv): You see, it is working already. In a few moments, the Powerpuff Girls will be nothing more than a bad dream, (mv) from which I will wake, triumphant!  Buttercup tries to stand up, but she fades away before making it to her feet.  BLOSSOM: Buttercup, noooo!!!  MOJO: Yes! The Powerpuff girls have been beaten by their own anger! I'm so happy I could eat a banana! Wait a minute, why would I want to eat a banana at a time like this? Though I really like bananas all of a sudden.  Blossom fades away without a trace. Mojo laughs at this so hard that his nightcap falls over his eyes. He clumsily grabs it and accidentally pulls it off, revealing that his head is now normal. His home begins to fade away around them.  MOJO: Wait a minute, oooh ooh ah, why ah oooh tricked eeeh....  HIM (wv): Sorry Mojo, but there was never a two-thirds majority. You see, since the same accident that created the Powerpuff Girls also created you, there had to be a (mv) three-quarters majority. (wv) Soon you will be back with Professor Utonium where you belong. But don't worry about me, as I have already found a replacement: (mv) one who is ambitious, greedy, evil, (wv) and so completely beyond reproach.  Mojo thrashes around, dropping off his costume as he fades away. HIM signals to the other hooded figure, who immediately comes before him and kneels. HIM takes out what looks like a vanilla bottle, but it is labeled "IMITATION DESTINY." Him removes the cap and pours it on the figure's hooded head.  HIM (wv): Now, you will have the power you have always dreamed and I will have the evil population that I have always wanted, (mv) and they will learn to be evil by themselves, (wv) with a little help from us. Let's go.  The figure rises as HIM picks up the destiny vacuum cleaner and puts his hood back on. The two walk down from the bare hilltop.  (Laser blast)  Five years ago, in this alternate universe, Professor Utonium stirs a large pot with one hand while changing some switch settings with another. His lab assistant monkey JOJO sneaks up behind the Professor and is suddenly distracted. Instead of pushing the Professor, he runs to the kitchen to get a banana. As the Professor glances at Jojo, the pot suddenly boils over, with froth running all over the table and floor. Huge bubbles pop out of the center, throwing ingredients around the room and even out the window. He takes the pot off a heater and the mixture immediately settles down. The face of a blonde one-year-old baby with big blue eyes pops out of the pot and the Professor immediately picks her up. She is covered in foam and raw ingredients and Professor Utonium immediately wraps her in a small blanket, leaving one arm free at first. She raises her hand, which still has bubbles on it, and looks at it.  BLONDE BABY: Bubbles!  PROFESSOR: Aw, you are so adorable! That's what I'll call you, "Bubbles." Hmmm, all of the ingredients didn't take, so you are not "perfect" scientifically, but you are to me!  Of the ingredients that spattered out the window, one small cherry blossom flows with some froth down the back yard and into a drain. Meanwhile, a small buttercup is picked up by a chilly November breeze. On a brand-new wooden bridge above a stream, the MAYOR is flanked by his wife and SARA BELLUM as he finishes a speech to dedicate a new nature trail. A crowd listens to him attentively as the cherry blossom floats towards the bridge and is caught on one of its supports.  MAYOR: Therefore, it is my hope that these new trails and bridges will foster greater appreciation of our be-you-tee-full conservation lands and better education about nature.  At these words, the sound of a baby cooing and gurgling can be heard from under the bridge. The three on the bridge and the crowd around it all look down to see a beautiful, redheaded baby sitting in the stream.  MAYOR: A baby! Without a moment's hesitation, Mayor dives into the shallow chilly water as Ms. Bellum climbs down to the baby. Mayor Mayor wraps the baby in his jacket and then, like any politician, kisses her on the forehead before leaving the water. As Ms. Bellum and a POLICE OFFICER help the Mayor and baby back to dry land, the baby holds up the cherry blossom.  REDHEAD BABY: Blossom! Cherry blossom!  MS. BELLUM: Aw, she is adorable!  MAYOR: You are so smart and cute - we will raise you and call you "Emily." Hello, little Emily. Say hello to your new mommy, and you can call me "Daddy."  MS. BELLUM: Are you sure that's wise, sir?  MAYOR: Of course, Ms. Bellum - you don't expect my own daughter to call me "Mayor."  MS. BELLUM: No, sir, adopting her so soon. After all, where did she come from?. MAYOR: Gosh, Ms. Bellum, your parents should've explained it to you by now.  (Laser blast)  A very distinguished middle-aged couple, BIFF HALVERSTON and MUFFY HALVERSTON are walking outside after a board meeting when the buttercup lands on Biff's lapel. Muffy notices this and immediately tries to pick it off, but suddenly finds a dark-haired baby girl with beautiful green eyes in her arms. The baby is holding the buttercup as Muffy wraps her in a shawl.  MUFFY: Wouldn't you know it, Biff, but it looks as if we just had a baby girl.  BIFF: Smashing news, Muffy. We'd better go home right now and have her added to our country club membership.  GREEN-EYED BABY: Buttercup!  MUFFY: She just ruined her first dress, how cute!  BIFF: My, aren't you a determined little one! We will name you "Victoria," if that's all right with you, Muffy dear.  At Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, MISS KEANE talks to the class as they prepare to go home for the day. Around the room we see all of the familiar faces: Emily Mayor, in her thick glasses, is reading a copy of "Scientific American" which is hidden behind an old issue of "Highlights" so that Ms. Keane won't take it away. Across the room, Victoria Halverston is arm-wrestling with the boys, trying to fit in even though she stands out in her frilly pink dress. Alone at a table in front, stoic Bubbles Utonium is drawing a picture: it shows the Professor on one side of the page, sitting at the front of a lecture hall. On the other side is herself with the caption "SAD BUBBLES" in a bedroom with many toys, and prison bars on the door and windows.  MS. KEANE: Now class, it just so happens that my boyfriend will be picking me up today...  Most of the kids snap to attention and shush the few who are slow to quiet down.  MS. KEANE: ...and he's agreed to spend a few minutes to talk to you.  The entire class cheers as the door opens and MAJOR MAN struts in. He walks over to Ms. Keane and starts to give her a big kiss, but she stops him before it is too passionate. She smiled in embarrassment. Ms. KEANE: Major! Not in front of the kids.  MAJOR MAN: Why not? Kids have been around - they've seen it all before.  As if to change the subject, he quickly turns to face the class and stands at attention, saluting the kids. They all stand up and salute back. When he releases his salute, they all sit down and he sits on Bubbles' table, barely giving her a chance to move her drawing. Nonchalantly, he picks up the drawing and examines it.  MAJOR MAN: So Bubbles, why are you so sad in this drawing?  BUBBLES: Because my Daddy works long hours and never plays with me anymore. He always tells me that he's busy so that I can have everything that I want, but all I want is someone to play with besides my pet monkey.  MAJOR MAN: Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles... Like I told your father at my parenting seminar years ago, he has to put in long hours and do everything he can to get ahead. After all, what good is he to the university if he isn't always doing his best? If he took time to play with you every time you wanted him to he could lose his job and not be able to buy you nice toys to play with. What he really should do is marry some nice woman. Then, she could work full-time too and they would buy you even more toys to make you feel better.  Major Man flashes his pearly smile as Ms. Keane excuses herself and steps out of the room.. Bubbles looks sad but does not say anything else. MITCH MITCHELSON raises his hand and Major Man points to him.  MITCH: Major Man, how bad is stealing?  MAJOR MAN: Well, that would depend on the circumstances. What do you have in mind?  MITCH: I-ahhh friend of mine was in a store last week and he had no money, but he took a piece of candy and ate it before anyone noticed.  EMILY: Stealing is always wrong!  MAJOR MAN: Well, hold on a second. Stealing may be bad, but what is stealing? Sure, stealing money from someone who needs it to feed his family is HORRIBLE, but that is a different story. Was it a big thing that he stole? Did anyone know? So did anyone even notice one tiny piece of candy missing? Now, I don't want to tell you to go around stealing things at least not too obviously, but, if your friend really, really wanted it and no one got hurt, then was it really so wrong? Anyone else?  (Laser blast)  The children think hard about what this bastion of righteousness has just told them as Ms. Keane returns to the room. Without raising her hand first, Victoria Halverston stands up and blurts out her problem.  VICTORIA: My parents always make me wear these dumb dresses and get mad when I get dirty but, they tell me that I have to be lady-like all the time, even though I want to play ball and skateboard and stuff.. How can I make them listen? MAJOR MAN: Well, it is not always that simple. Sometimes parents and children don't agree and there is not much you can do. You may need to find a "creative" solution.  VICTORIA: What do you mean?  MAJOR MAN: Honey, don't you have field trips and messy-project days?  MS. KEANE: Yes. Why?  MAJOR MAN: Well, if your parents thought there was a messy project at school wouldn't they let you take in some play clothes so that your nice dresses wouldn't get ruined?  VICTORIA: Yeah, I suppose, but we don't do that a lot.  MAJOR MAN: Would they know the difference? If you kept a set of these clothes in your cubby then you could change when you get here. Before going home, just put your good clothes back on. This way, you play as much as you want and your parents will be happy that your good clothes are clean. As for being lady-like, what they don't know won't hurt them. MS. KEANE: But Major....  MAJOR MAN: Well, it was just a thought.  He flashes a big smile and Ms. Keane stops. A moment later she smiles back. Victoria looks up and thinks about this new idea. MS. KEANE: Class, it is time to leave, but thank Major Man for talking to you first. ENTIRE CLASS: Thank you, Major Man.  All of the children are getting on their buses or waiting . Emily struggles to carry her huge backpack towards her bus when Mitch Mitchelson, JULIE, IKE, VICTORIA, and PABLO confront her. Bubbles watches this as she starts to walk home.   MITCH: So, Miss-high-and-mighty-mayor's-daughter, you were wrong and Major Man even said so, so there!  IKE: Yeah, nosey four-eyes!  VICTORIA: Can't see right or wrong if you can't see anything!  Julie throws sand in Emily's face as Pablo dumps her book bag. Leaving her own books behind, Bubbles runs over to the crowd.  BUBBLES: Hey, you leave her alone, you mean doo-doo brains!  MITCH: Oooh, the cute little baby is sticking up for the nerd! I'm gonna give you a black eye so you can show the world how brave you are.  JULIE: Brave and weak!  VICTORIA: Hey, Mitch, don't hurt the little baby. She can't hurt you.  PABLO: So what? If the brat wants to stick her nose where it doesn't belong then Mitch can make it bleed. Victoria grabs Mitch's raised hand and pulls it behind his back.  VICTORIA: Let go!  Mitch lets go and then Victoria releases him. The gang then begins taunting Victoria: they all throw mud on her, getting it all over her dress, and then run to their buses or parents' cars. Meanwhile, Bubbles picks up Emily's glasses and gives them back to her.  VICTORIA: This is all YOUR fault!  EMILY: You started it, you hooligans. When I'm the mayor someday I'm gonna...  BUBBLES: Thanks for saving me. That was really sweet of you.  VICTORIA: Don't call me "sweet!"  As the buses pull out, Professor Utonium pulls into the school's driveway next to the girls and opens his window.  PROFESSOR: Bubbles, I have to do a lot of work at home tonight, so I thought I'd leave work early and pick you up. Oh, I see you've made some friends - that's wonderful, Sweetie!  BUBBLES: Professor, these kids were gonna beat up Emily, but I said, "Not so fast!" but then they tried to beat me up, and Vicki scared them away, but they got her nice dress all muddy.  PROFESSOR: Well, why don't you all get in. Vicki, you can borrow some of Bubbles' clothes while I wash your dress and I'll make sure you both get home. We'll just have to call your parents to let them know where you are.  All three girls get in the Professor's car and they drive away.  (Laser blast)  Bubbles lying on her stomach, drawing with crayons while Emily looks at the books in Bubbles' bookshelf. Victoria, wearing a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, plays a shoot-em-up video game which Bubbles does not care for. JOJO mopes around the room and tries to play with different toys, quickly losing interest in any that he tries.  EMILY: Wow, these are great books! Science, philosophy, everything that I like and none of those baby bedtime stories.  BUBBLES: These ARE my bedtime stories. Daddy keeps telling me that if I don't learn and study a lot I will be left behind. I have bad dreams about being left behind in the mall...  VICTORIA: Wow, Bubbles, you have everything you could ever want!  EMILY: Yeah, this is great.  BUBBLES: Yeah... EMILY: Well, my father tells me that it is important to have friends, and I would be happy to be yours, even if you don't like all the things I do. Vicki?  VICTORIA: Well, this is cool and stuff, but I want to play fun games like soccer, football. It was nice of your father to help me tonight, but I don't want to be seen with you two 'cause people will think I'm a nerdy wimp. B UBBLES: Then why did you save me when you were ready to beat up Emily.  VICTORIA: I wasn't gonna beat her up, but she started it by sassing off to Major Man...  EMILY: So you are going to start sneaking in play clothes, like he said? He is always saving the town and stuff, but sometimes he does creepy things, like when he told my father to fire Ms. Bellum.  VICTORIA: I'm sick of being a little sissy princess...though I don't know about lying to my parents.  BUBBLES: I don't like him either. And you stood up for me.  VICTORIA: Well, you were acting so brave 'n stuff that I kind of thought I liked you, but just for a second.  BUBBLES: Aw, I like you both. You're so smart and you're so strong: I wish you were my sisters!  HIM is washing some dishes when the soft hum of the destiny cleaner is suddenly interrupted by the sound of gears slipping. It goes back to normal, but it then occasionally skips and whirrs again. HIM looks scared as he rushes to his couch and turns on the television with his remote control. He is shocked to see the three girls playing in Bubbles' room.  HIM (mv): Nooo! That little girl will undo everything! (wv) And after all that hard work to slowly corrupt the children of Townsville. Why, we have turned Victoria into quite a bully, and Emily's vanity and ambition will make her mine someday. Even Bubbles' happiness was being chipped away, but she still manages to surprise us once in a while. He picks up Mr. Quackers. Him: Oh, after all of our hard work we can't let that happen, can we? What's that? You say that won't happen if we (mv) destroy her! HIM picks up the telephone and dials.  MAJOR MAN: Hello, Major Man speaking! What can I do for you, Mayor?  HIM (mv): No, this is your true master! (wv) It is time to arrange another demonstration of your strength and bravery. Three little girls are playing nicely in a suburban home, but a demented monster is going to attack them. You will fight valiantly and manage to save the mayor's daughter and the poor little rich girl, (mv) but Bubbles will meet her doom before the hour!  MAJOR MAN: But, I can't let...  HIM (mv): You will do as you are told! She is a danger to our plan and once she is gone the spell cannot be broken. (wv) Besides, it wouldn't hurt your image to shed a few tears for a brave little girl who met an untimely end. Just keep telling everyone how sorry you are - that seems to work better than anyone could have imagined.  MAJOR MAN: Yes, sir!  HIM (wv): Good. Octobeast is on his way to the Utonium house now. The soon-to-be grieving father will be safe in the basement and the other two girls should not be harmed if it can be helped, (mv) but Bubbles must be destroyed!  (Laser blast)  Bubbles looks down, sad, when a giant tentacle crashes through the window and tries to grab her. She shrieks and dives under the bed. As the tentacle feels around the room, it grabs Emily and feels her face, knocking off her glasses. Suddenly, it drops her and grabs Victoria, who is also rejected from its grip. A large eye then peeks in the window as the tentacle reaches under the bed and drags screaming Bubbles out. Blindly, Emily reaches for Bubbles and tries to pull her up and away while Victoria picks up a chair and starts hitting the malicious arm. The beast makes no attempt to hurt either Emily or Victoria, but it will not give up on Bubbles. When Victoria knocks a dresser over on the arm, it loses its grip and Bubbles falls on top of Emily. Victoria throws a lamp into its eye. VICTORIA: You leave my friend alone, you monster!  The beast turns red with anger and another tentacle crashes through the wall, grabbing Victoria around her arms. As she screams, Bubbles sees her friend's predicament and covers her eyes, but then peeks through. With Victoria firmly stuck in one tentacle, the beast gets a determined look in its eye as its other tentacle winds up several times for a knockout punch. Bubbles screamed. BUBBLES: Noooooooooo!  Bubbles runs at the beast and puts herself between Victoria and the tentacle, taking the full impact of the punch. She falls limp on the floor. Suddenly, Major Man lands in the bedroom, frees Victoria, and ties the two tentacles together. Then, dragging the tied arms, he flies outside and begins to swing the entire beast around, sending it flying far away.  MAJOR MAN: And don't come back!  He lands back in the bedroom to find Victoria kneeling over the still body of Bubbles. He bows his head and puts the back of his right hand over his eyes as Emily crawls over to the two other girls.  MAJOR MAN: Oh, if only I had gotten here sooner! I have failed, but at least I have saved you two. Oh, poor Bubbles, your death is a harsh sting of reality, and you shall be missed so terribly...  EMILY: She's not dead!  MAJOR MAN: Oh, poor dying girl, my heart...  VICTORIA: She's moving! I think she'll be all right. Wow, she's much tougher than I thought.  Major Man turns and kneels down to pick up Bubbles.  MAJOR MAN: I had better fly her to the hospital then, before her condition suddenly deteriorates and we lose her.  EMILY: No, call an ambulance! You could hurt her if you move her the wrong way.  VICTORIA: She saved me. She'll be all right, won't she?  MAJOR MAN: Not if I can help it...I mean, not without my help.  As Major Man starts to pick up Bubbles, Professor Utonium rushes into the room. Emily is crawling around on the floor, trying to find her glasses while Victoria stares up at Bubbles.  PROFESSOR: Stop! Oh, Bubbles, sweetheart, I can't believe it! Oh, I wish I had been with you more instead or working all the time. I'm not going to leave your side until you are better.  MAJOR MAN: No, you'll ruin everything! I mean, if we don't leave right now it could be the end of her.  PROFESSOR: No, don't take my baby from me!  Major Man pushes the Professor away and steps back to turn around, but Mojo shoves him and he trips over Emily, who was searching behind him. He falls on his behind while still holding Bubbles, jerking her in the fall. The Professor and Victoria rush forward to grab Bubbles from the evil superhero. Despite her lack of vision, Emily also grabs for Bubbles but ends up holding Major Man's cape as he tries to crawl backwards on his feet and one arm, still sitting. He has one arm around his helpless victim as the Professor tries to get an arm hold on her. However, Major Man drops on his seat and uses his crawling arm to push the Professor's face backwards, knocking him dizzy. Jojo bites Major Man's extended hand and is thrown under the bed. Then, he stands up and backs away from the clinging Victoria and Emily.  EMILY: Don't take Bubbles away from us! Oh, Bubbles, I DO wish that I had you for a sister!  Major Man steps backwards out of the window, levitating in the air, dragging the girls with him. Emily, still blind, starts to fall out of the broken wall and has to catch herself, clinging on an exposed board. Victoria manages to hold onto one of Bubbles' arms, leaning dangerously out the hole.  MAJOR MAN: You don't understand, but it has to be this way! Now let go before you die too!  VICTORIA: No! Bubbles don't leave us - I'd be proud to have you for a sister, too! Victoria loses her balance and falls, pulling Bubbles out of Major Man's arm. Major Man just floats there, smugly watching as the two girls fall to the ground, landing with a thud.  MAJOR MAN: Aw, so many tragedies in one day. How sad.... for them. HAHAHA.  Hmm, This will cost me points with the Mayor, but I can't afford to have a goodie-two-shoes witness blabbing. I'll have to tell him the truth, that she died bravely while trying to save her friends. Major Man slowly puts his foot on Emily's head and pushes her firmly with it. Applying more and more pressure, she will not budge. Finally, he takes his foot away to see what is happening and he notices that she now has a large red bow in her hair. A look of horror appears on the fiend's face and he starts to back away.  MAJOR MAN: No, it's you!  EMILY: What? Wait, I can see you without my glasses!  Major Man slowly backs away, his eyes wide with fear, as Victoria quietly rises behind him and taps him on the shoulder. He turns his head to look.  VICTORIA: Don't you EVER mess with my Bubbles again! Thus, the Powerpuff Girls were born!  (Laser blast)  In time with the sound of an explosion, his glance is met with a punch that sends him flying back into the bedroom. She and Bubbles fly into the room as the Professor recovers and moves in on the cowering superhero. Emily easily pulls herself into the room and walks up to the two men, the other two girls following behind her.  EMILY: And THIS is for telling children to lie and steal.  Bubbles picks him up and slams him down onto the floor, breaking some floorboards, while yelling: BUBBLES: And THIS is for hurting my friends!  EMILY: Mr. Utonium, what happened to us?  PROFESSOR: That's "Professor" please, and I don't know. Maybe this has something to do with why he was out to get Bubbles and you two. It is all very confusing, but I am glad that you three are all right.  MAJOR MAN : Yes, you three used to be super hero sisters, but we were able to split you two from Bubbles by using your jealousy and anger. But sweet Bubbles was not a part of it, so the spell started to break when you all became friends. My master greatly underestimated the power of your love.  VICTORIA: And who is your master?  MAJOR MAN: HIM!  All of them turn to face HIM, standing in the hole in the wall and holding the ruptured destiny cleaner.  HIM (wv): Oh, girls, your love for each other has wrecked my destiny cleaner, and it appears the lifetime warranty is only good for the lifetime of the device itself - (mv) how evil! (wv) So, I guess everything will be back to normal, for now. See you in another lifetime!  Victoria, Emily, and then Bubbles quickly fade away. The Professor jumps to grab her but is too late.  HIM (wv): Don't worry, dear Professor. In a few moments you will three times as many daughters, with three times the love and three times the joy, almost as if none of this ever happened...  Professor Utonium fades away as the damage in the room fades, along with many of the scattered toys.  HIM (mv): ...and your suffering will be three times as worse when I finally destroy them!  As the room returns to normal, HIM and Major Man fade away. A few moments later, Blossom and Buttercup fade into the bedroom, next to the bed, dressed as they were at Mojo's. A hole bursts in the door as Bubbles smashes into the room and hugs her sisters furiously. They hug back as Professor Utonium enters the room, hanging his head down, not looking. (Laser blast)  He notices the three girls hugging: Professor: Oh, I am so happy that you've made up already.  He sits down on the bed and the three girls jump up onto the bed, hugging him and crying with joy.  Professor Utonium: Blossom, Buttercup, I am so sorry about losing my cool and yelling at you before. What I said was even worse than what you were saying to Bubbles, and I feel awful.  BUTTERCUP: That's okay, Professor, we all said things that we shouldn't have - things that were really bad.  BLOSSOM: Things we didn't mean.  BUBBLES: And now I know that you two really love me just the way I am!  BUTTERCUP: Well, none of us may be perfect, but now that we know how things could have been, I can be happy with us the way we are.  Mojo Jojo crawls out from under the bed, wearing his pajamas.  MOJO: Uh, girls, now that I have helped to restore things as they were, though they weren't for a while, and now things are just like they were before the way they were before, could you please bring me home?  PROFESSOR: What are you doing here!?  The girls laugh and form a large hug around the Professor again. So once again the day is saved thanks to...THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!  ("Powerpuff Girls Theme Song" by BIS)  That was the end of the story.  If you would like to hear it again, just turn the tape over.