Hi, are you a regular contributor on the Disney Wiki? Are you a huge Disney fan? Do you have a Tumblr account and are familar with the site and how to use it? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you qualify to become a co-admin of the Disney Wiki's Official Tumblr account! Obviously, I can't run it all by myself. I do have a life, after all. That's where a co-admin or two come in. They can reblog or create Disney theme posts when I am not able too. They can do so on their own time, there is no set schedule or rules. Well, the only rules are: only post things that are Disney related and appropriate for a general audience. But those are no brainer rules, right? Are there any more rules I should suggest? I guess another obvious one would be not to change the layout or description or other details on the page unless absolutely nessesary. Also another one would to not change the password! And... always remember to link to the Disney Wiki in the posts you create :p.

Anyway, if you're qualified or interested, leave a comment below or contact me on my talk page. I will send you the password to the Official Tumblr account through your personal Tumblr account, to prove that you have one and know well how the site works.

Side Note: Am I the only one whose noticed the Disney Wiki Twitter has not been updated since 2009??!! There should be a co-admin there as well. Or that old account should be deleted and a new one should be brought in! Or, if whoever created that account is still active on the site and currently reading this or someone who knows that person is reading this, let them know they should update it or let someone else take over!