Hi all, I created this blog to showcase to you guys clips of Walt Disney on TV. Not only did he pioneer in animation, film-making, theme parks and technology involving those things, he was a pioneer in television too, especially color telelvision. Remember, this was before there was a Disney Channel (good or bad) and before there were channels targeted to kids. Some are from his shows, one is just from him appearing on a game show.

I found this really interesting, especially seeing how they operated animatronics in 1964. Even today they look pretty lifelike. I really wish I could've attended the World's Fair back then. If you have time to watch this all the way through, please do so!

Disneyland - Alice in Wonderland I'm sharing this solely because I find it amusing he mentions Aladdin at the begining, and Disney ended up making the story of Aladdin into a animated movie years later.

Disneyland - All About Magic I especially like the part when he goes into the basement... Just, ha. Oh, and when he talks to "Princess" (aka body-less head on a plate)... I don't fully understand it, but it's hilarious!

Wonderful World of Color - Cavalcade of Song

This is basically a behind the scenes look at how the songs for lady and the Tramp were produced. It premired on Disneyland around the time of the film was released, then colorized in 1966 for Wonderful World of Color. I love it! Peggy Lee was really talented.

That's all for now. I figured this would be interesting to some of you, since I guess many people don't realize with the Disney company being as big as it is that Mr. Disney was a real person, and not some mysterious, magical figure they've never seen besides in pictures who gave his name to a big company. If you find any other cool videos from Disneyland, Wonderful World of Color or some other show Walt Disney was on, please share them in the comments!