Hi, just posting this to alert every one of one of the most popular posts on the Disney Wiki's Official Tumblr account. Most posts are reblogs, which are known to have like thousands of notes, but occasionally, I post original content. Not content I created, obviously, but posts (mainly videos) that aren't reposted from someone else. Sort of like writing your own tweet with a link to a video instead of retweeting someone else's tweet with that video, if you're more familiar with Twitter than Tumblr.

Anyway, I usually post these videos in a series called The Disney Wiki's Song of the Day on Fridays or Saturdays. As you can guess, they're Disney songs from all forms of Disney media. The posts don't usually get more than a few likes or reblogs. But last Friday I posted The Monkey's Uncle: and it went slightly viral. It currently has 56 notes (on Monday it had 17... yes, that's how big it's getting) which are composed of mostly likes and reblogs. It has earned the Wiki's blog 11+ new followers this week, which means we now have 71 followers (I'm aiming for 100, hopefully). It was also featured in Tumblr's Vintage tag. Hopefully, by the end of this week, it'll have 100 notes. All this activity can help increase the popularity of the wiki and pretty much promote it to Disney Fans and non-Disney fans alike (who are mainly liking and sharing the post, surprisingly).

Anyway, I'll be sharing a video of Annette Funicello herself talking about the song and her music in general which I hope will get those who were interested in the original post interested again.