Hello, just posting this blog to alert the wiki of my regular broadcast of Disney songs from films, tv shows, parks, etc on the free music streaming website Grooveshark. Yes, free promotion on my part, but why not? This IS Disney Wiki after all, and this is connected to Disney.

Anyways, what makes this different from listening to a Disney station on Pandora, or Radio Disney, or in some other way? Well, first things first, you can request songs and they will be played almost immediately. Second, usually Pandora will play the same songs, only the most famous Disney songs, not a particular song you like, and songs that have nothing to do with Disney, and so on, but with this broadcast I and the listeners control which songs will be played, and they will ONLY be Disney songs. I don't just play Hakuna Matata or When You Wish Upon a Star, either. I play a variety of Disney related music, from the most popular film song to the most obsure Disney attraction song. Third, as with Radio Disney, mostly typical Disney Channel songs and pop songs that aren't connected to Disney is played. Again, not the case with my broadcast. I don't play any singles from Disney Channel stars or artists signed to Hollywod Records.

Anyway, the link is here. I hope every Disney fan who enjoys listening to Disney music comes and requests their favorites! It's a really fun and interactive experience, so that's why I'm looking for more listeners. My broadcast times vary, but usually it's Thursday and Friday 1pm-4pm, EST. Though I may broadcast outside of those times if requested or if I have nothing else to do. Check back frequently, or leave a message on either of my pages (on here and on Grooveshark) and ask!