Is it me, or are people more easily able to create blog spam here on this wiki and get away with it? I've personally seen everything from multiple blog post by the same person in a row, to blogs on subjects not pertaining to the wiki, to blogs of the same subject posted multiple times, to blogs with false information, to blogs with fanon material, to blogs that basically are spam, to completely useless blogs (i.e. basically copy and pastes of material that can be found on articles on the site) to a bunch of other things. Out of all the active admins here, shouldn't somebody at least be able to watch over and control what blogs stay posted and what don't? Only a few blogs here have I seen that have actually been closed or deleted, but not for the reasons I've mentioned above. Someone should at least do something, other wikis have more control over what ends up in the blog posts section. People do read them, y'know.