Hi, today this randomly came up in my head while I was edited the Everybody Wants To be a Cat page. I was thinking about Thomas O'Malley and thinking about how similar he is to the Tramp. Here are the similarities:

  • Both Tom and Tramp are alley animals who're apart of a species that are usually housepets
  • Both are streetwise
  • Both enjoy their life of freedom
  • Both help a domesticated female of they're species and later marry them and join the female's owner's household
  • Both get adopted (see above)
  • Both go places with the female (usually in order to help them)
  • Both help the female's owner also, in the end
  • Both are laid-back

And some others that I don't feel like listing. Now, I'm not saying Disney copied their own character or something, the two movies the characters are from are completely different and yet similar in some ways, like most movies. I'm just saying they happen to be alike in a couple of ways like Cinderella and Rapunzel, or Mowgli and Tarzan or whoever else you can think of who are similar in some ways. I guess that happens a lot when you have lots of different movies by different writers (or based on different stories) and other crew people who make new characters. Anyways, what do you think about this? Can you name any other Disney characters who are similar to you? Please comment if you can, thanks!