Welcome to part 2 of Izzy bites. Let's Take a look at what we were looking at and how they are now:

Part 1 (SOPA/ACTA)

As you know from this blog, SOPA was defeated. They replaced with CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), however, it looks like that will be shot down too. On this site, it has over 672,000 signatures on a intinal goal of 100k. The goal is now 1 million, but it doesn't look like it will bet there. Still, there is an excellent change it will be defeated. There is now this petition as well that started yesterday. Its goal is 500,000 signatures, and as of now, it has just less than 200,000.

Remember my No ACTA avatar from January? It looks like that is going to be rejected as a recommendation for being too strict. If ACTA is rejected, only a few countries will discuss it, but very unlikely to move forward. The Trans-Pacific Partership (TPP) is still looming.

Part 2 (Bureaucrat status)

As you know from Here, I became a bureaucrat on January 18, the same day as the SOPA blackout. I blacked out DisneyWiki for 12 hours (See User blog:Isabella and Lego Liker/Short blackout expected for more).

I have gave some people rollback or admin status. If you want to be a rollbacker/chatmod, see Forum:Rollback requests and type your name. If the voting is successful, you will be granted those rights.

Part 3 (Site Notice template)

Nothing to report.

Part 4 (Galleries)

Just remember that galleries need to be 750 bytes or they will be deleted.

Part 5 (Getting the wiki bigger)

We've gotten about 2,000 more pages on this wiki since then, and have moved 1 spot in the TV part of the wiki. No changes for the Movie side.

Part 6 (Adding more TV episodes)

Thanks to LegalizeAnythingMuppets, most of the The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episodes are on. We still need more help. If you are into live action, join the Live-Action TV project and start helping. Buunak has already started by adding some Shake It Up characters, as well as some albums.

Part 7 (Up, Up, and Away!)

The main page is now 500 bytes bigger. If some other pages are expanded, it could be helpful for all of us.

Part 8 (Bad edits)

Remember, if you see bad editing by a user, just undo or rollback (if you have such rights) and report to me, JeremyCreek, Hey1234, or FigmentJedi so we can take care of the vandal.

Thanks for reading, happy editing. Corn dog, corn dog, yummy yummy yummy! 18:45, April 17, 2012 (UTC)