This blog is only for heroines who act human, whether they are human or anthropomorphic animals... and, for instance, Duchess from The Aristocats, Lady from Lady and the Tramp, Nala from The Lion King, and any animal characters who act naturalistic DO NOT COUNT. I'll add a table after the first comment on who should count. Anyway, this is for female heroines, whether they are as they act (human) or just animals who behave human, and it doesn't matter if they sing or not.

Character Film or TV Series Voice(s)
Minnie Anything featuring her Russi Taylor (currently) (both speaking and singing); who knows who else did her voices?
Daisy Anything featuring her Russi Taylor or Tress MacNeille (both)
Roxanne A Goofy Movie Kellie Martin (no singing)
Maid Marian Robin Hood Monica Evans (speaking); Nancy Adams (singing)
Terk Tarzan Rosie O'Donnell (both speaking and singing)