• Incredible Centipede

    In the wake of all of the Disney remakes, I decided to make a dream cast for a Disney film I think that would have a great remake. Please note that I have not casted Pinocchio because there's so much fresh talent out there, some undiscovered, so I've had a hard time finding an adequate actor. And with that, here's the list.

    Blue Fairy

    • Meryl Streep ]]

    Jiminy Cricket

    • Tom Hanks


    • Christoph Waltz


    • John Goodman

    The Coachman

    • Anthony Hopkins

    J. Worthington Foulfellow

    • Christopher Walken

    Please feel to critique or make other comments below.

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  • Incredible Centipede

    Hello friends. As you know, Disney is releasing a live-action version of The Jungle Book, and although many characters have been cast, Here are the actors and actresses who I think could play them as well. Please leave your feedback in the comments below. Thank-you and enjoy!


    John C. Reilly

    Steve Martin

    Kevin James


    Gary Oldman

    Christopher Lloyd

    Mel Brooks

    Steven Tyler


    Tom Hiddleston

    Ralph Fiennes

    Helena Bonham Carter

    Colonel Hathi:

    R. Lee Ermey

    Rip Torn

    Michael Caine

    Shere Khan:

    Keith David

    Tim Curry

    Jeremy Irons

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