this is a sequel to  American Dragon: Jake Long and Phineas and Ferb and Lilo & Stitch and gravity falls crossver

the main story

jake is now a dragon MASTER then he go to the dragon RACE but Dipper got attrack by ratmonte and they sole his book(1 and 2 and 3) and jake traform into his dragon form and Delefe  ratmontes but 1 one of a ratmonte run away with the books

then jake and dipper must find the book but jake remeber that ratmonte is MOAR minons now they go in the secret lar then they found moar but 100  ratmonte atrack jake and Dipper but they all delefe by Mabel with her Yo-yo (she now a yo-yo master) now jake and dipper and mabel must fignt moar but fail because they got Pown by Gideon (now he is Mecha gideon) then jake usd flame kick at mecha gideon but he got hurt because gideon is metal and mabel usd her yo yo but her yo yo got fire by MOAR then they got DOOM but Dipper tell Jake to put 3 book on fire then jake flame the books now gideon and moar got super mad and they Fusion by the fusion machine now they are POWERFULL

now is call Mecha-Moar

the showdown

mabel got a idea to kill Mecha-moar is to put water at mecha moar but jake and dipper have no water gun but mabel has a mini water gun then  Mecha moar usd Super flaming boom but her shoot him then Mecha gideon EXPLOSE then mecha moar DIE for real

The end

Jake pick dipper and mabel at the mystery shack and Dipper and mabel can visit jake ANYTIME

and jake go back at the big Dragon race