This is a COOL crossver of American Dragon: Jake Long and Phineas and Ferb and Lilo & Stitch and gravity falls  Crossver and the pliot is

1.Jake long story:

Jake (he is 15 old) was warking in the park then he saw Lilo (she now 12 year old) again then her say Stitch has been kinappe by the powerfull dragon(moar) then he traforme into his dragon form and fly away with lilo for the search of Stitch.

2.Dipper and mabel story:

Dip and Mab was grow up to 14 year old and start his aventure

then they go in the Dark forest but a strang creature name ratmonte who is moar minons

and Many rat attack dip and mab then they run away then Jake and lilo see 2 two twin has been attack then jon goin to kick butt at many rat but ratmonte run away and lilo and Jon meet Dip and Mab and dip say his secet book ( 1 2 3) has been steal by gideon but this time gideon and moar team up then they fly away to Danville

3.Phineas and Ferb Story:

Phineas and Ferbwas grow up to 14 (ferb) and 12 (phineas) and  was locking for his tools and perry then Lilo and jake and dip and mab are in Phineas and Ferb backyard and phineas and ferb meet Lilo and jon and dip and mab for locking for moar and gideon who steal the secet book

then mab see a secet letter that say they steal Phineas and Ferb tools and perry and his suff what Phineas and Ferb creat all the machine then Phineas and Ferb must have his tools back and save perry then they join Jake and the groupe.

4.Final showdown

they try to find the secet cave then phineas has a tecetor what he bruit then they find the secet cave then moar fignt Jake and phineas and Dip goin to fignt gideon and Ferb and lilo goin to save stitch and perry but fail and jake has a idea the only way is TO TEAM UP  Dip and phineas team up and bruit a powerfull metal sword by phineas and Dip smart brain and gideon goin to fignt Dip and phinead to a Sword battle but gideon Sword was broken by the powerfull metal sword and gideon just trow the secet book at lava but jake save the secet book and trow at Ferb and lilo then jake usd his tricky move and moar usd his powerfull dark beam he got explose by jake put his mouth at moar mouth (lol) then moar is delefe now gideon run away but he fall off and he lost some his body.

the end

  1. Did and mab go back in Mystery Shack
  2. Jake go back at trainner with his granpa
  3. Phinead and ferb go back at his home
  4. lilo and Stitch go back home


new season of here the heros was grow up

  1. jake long season 4 and 5
  2. phinead and freb season 8
  3. lilo and Stitch season 3
  4. gravity falls  season 6

comon or uncomon

well this is a crossver and this is comon

Enjoy and coment :D