Well here is my counteroffer to the Lion Guard so far.

Hello, Disney. I have an offer to make to you that could actually help the company and the planet as a whole if you consider it and accept it. I’m not really impressed with the ending of “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride” for several reasons. The first one is the fact that the film felt like Kovu was the main protagonist and Simba was the main antagonist defacto, while dejure Kiara and Zira were the main protagonist and antagonist respectfully. For a main protagonist, Kiara is portrayed too much in a negative light, and the positive qualities of heroism, nobility, forgiveness and sympathy are shunned and this has given her a lot of haters. Zira on the other hand barely appears at all and she essentially represents the conflict back in Film One and it felt like Film One to me again. Second, Kovu has been confused by Scar by way too many people. Giving him an identical injury does add to the plot tension and it is obviously extremely effective, but it was too effective. For the new film series which I ask to be called “The Golden Lioness” after Princess Kiara, the main protagonist, you should follow my advice

• Make Kovu different. He has been confused with Scar a lot. Darrell Rooney stated on Twitter that he is an orphan so that would be a great way to make a difference. • You will probably need to give Kiara a ton of hero moments. She was barely given any in Film Two and it won’t be long after the Lion Guard airs that people are gonna put two and two together and then you end up getting sued by 50million feminist groups because she was singled in their view because she is an animal female. I’m trying to save you 50 million dollars and years in a court. • Make Simba’s more negative traits visible. I was able to tell Simba’s negative traits in Film Two almost immediately, but the screenwriter wrote it to overshadow that and make his positive traits more visible to cover it up. Strike a balance between the negative and the positive, enough to tell people that what he is doing is wrong, but positive enough to keep him as a hero. • Cancel the Lion Guard. I am willing to allow you to keep Kion and everyone else involved, but you forgot one of the five w’ which is why. Why does he do it? You got to give him a justifiable reason. And it also has divided the fans. • Create an epic final battle. I’ve seen a lot of your old films and they showed the struggle perfectly. Build up the anger between the hero and the villain, create several tension points that make the audience nervous and end things off with a huge final battle. I believe the one in Film One was the last great final battle. Anything since has just been a few physical blows and that is it. A lot of people loved the traditional final battle and I think a return to that would really help. • Have an antagonistic relationship develop between Kiara and Zira. If you look at a lot of the films before and after Film Two, you have an antagonistic relationship develop between the protagonist and the antagonist and that never happened with these two. • Show very serious themes. I’m not talking about killing someone every 12 seconds but if you want to show dedication to nature, you have to show the threats and that sometimes means creating extremely serious situations. It’s not exactly Psycho, but it has to have some form of peril. • You are very well renowned for creating some extremely beautiful love plots and that is just the kind of thing that you can use as a sort of escape from a dark movie. Now we can’t use Simba and Nala, that was covered Film One, you cannot use Kiara and Kovu because that was the whole plot in Film Two, but the good news is Vitani and Kion are still available. Obviously you can’t do it in Film One of the series because Kion is still a cub, but you can hint at it, and you are very good at making hints to a romantic subplot. In Film One, when Zazu is talking about bethroal I remember hearing an instrumental soft music and I caught on to it. In Film Two, when Kiara and Kovu accidentally kiss, I heard a flute and I’ve been surrounded by Disney almost straight out of the gate, so when I hear a flute in a Disney movie, I know that means a romance is coming. • Got to take Scar out of the equation. Best way to do that is either create an entirely new villain or bring a villain that had knowledge of him, but didn’t like him. Zira was the best bet in Film Two, but her loyalty made me feel like it was Film One all over again. So we just give her amnesia for two reasons: one to give Zira her own dark personality, and second if only just for some humor. • Hire a good composer and my big suggestion would be Nick Glennie Smith because he did an absolutely wonderful job composing and scoring Film Two. Hans Zimmer would be good, but I think he should take a few years off, give him some R and R. • Do not contradict the laws of nature. That means they cannot show familiarity with humans, they don’t know what human items are, they cannot walk on two legs. If it is human or bipedal, they cannot be a part of that. • Do not make it live action. The way it was animated was beautiful and realistic, not to mention the fact it saves time and money. • Im trying to prevent you from walking into a trap. You see, there is a little cycle that occurs with film series. A trilogy does very well, every year to every two years a film comes out, and it gets critical acclaim, and the trilogy ends perfectly. However, the franchise people become so enamoured of their success that after years, they reboot the film series under the same title that takes years to do. Film Four usually does somewhat well, but film five turns into a disaster. There are dozens of examples for this, so im trying to save you from that embarrassment.


• Kiara is the titular character and the main protagonist of the series. She wasn’t given very much heroic action in Film Two and as a result she has been called a brat, a stubborn person, disobedient. That primarily is not how I see her. I see her noble qualities: heroism, dedication, moralistic, courageous, nobility, honor, and hopefulness. She represents not just nature’s struggle against humanity, but an eternal one, the preservation of the old morals of this world. Kiara is not the average protagonist of a nature vs human film. In the average film, it’s usually nature vs humanity, no real explanation of the problems nature really faces. She will face the problems nature faces so not just humanity itself, but also her own conscience, to underline the struggle that nature is facing the eradication of its eon old culture, its language if you can count noises from animals as a language and ultimately extermination and extinction at humanity’s hands, and therefore is the one who will lead nature to a new dawn of replenishment or to an eternal darkness of extinction. She evolves from a naïve and uncertain princess to a fearless and heroic queen along with siring two children by the end of the film series; a daughter at the end of films one and a son at the end of film three. She also has managed to break your cycle of overprotectiveness and curiosity by saying a little white lie to satisfy the curiosity and then when the child is older, tells them the truth saying “I did it for your safety”. • Kovu acts as the secondary protagonist of the series. He becomes the representation of diversification and usually acts as a restraining voice when Kiara enters a moment of emotional struggle. He plays an increasing role of importance in the film series and becomes a father at the end of film one. He is an orphan, having lost both of his parents before becoming sentient. He states he is relieved that he didn’t know them, as he tells Kiara that love is joyful at the beginning but can hurt so badly at the end and hopes that she will get the answer naturally, not abruptly which occurs at the beginning of Film One when she mourns over Kopa’s corpse and the answer he states is simple “It hurts so much because you genuinely felt it, because your affection and caring for family is real. Come.” before leading her away. When Simba and Nala are quarantined due to the fact their grief made them extremely dangerous, Kovu stayed on Kiara’s request to try and reason with them. This forced him to fight the royal couple as the madness had gotten into its final stage and caused them to believe that he is Scar, but manages to break them out of it after both pinning them and yelling at them to listen to themselves. He also gives the eulogy at Simba’s funeral after he is killed by Zira at the end of film one. • Simba, the current king of the Pride Lands, functions as a secondary character. He is overconfident of himself after defeating the evils in the previous film series. As the father of Kiara, Kopa and Kion he is no longer overprotective, but is somewhat rash and reckless. This costs him Kopa, as Zira baits him into thinking that Kopa is safe and therefore doesn’t send scouts to confirm it. When he learns that Kopa was killed by Zira, he, like his mate, is driven mad in mourning and becomes increasingly hostile, irrational and at times arrogant and prideful, though this is largely due to his grief manifesting itself into the king’s most powerful fears. As a result, Kiara reluctantly quarantines the royal couple and assumes acting queen ship. When Kovu attempts to reason with him and Nala, the madness results in him thinking its Scar, but after a final intense bout, returns to his senses. He is wounded by Buka when the latter stabs him in the foot and is killed by Zira stabs him in the chest, but Kovu saves him, and Kiara takes him to safety. He survives long enough for Kiara, who has just defeated Zira, to return and the two reconcile before the king dies from his stab wound and is buried at the end of film one with his son. • Nala, the current queen, Simba’s wife, and Kiara, Kopa, and Kion’s mother. She is still calm and more trusting, though like her husband is largely overconfident due to defeating the evils back in the original film series. She is largely left speechless when Zira asks who Scar is and is only able to stammer out gibberish. She is almost killed by Zira halfway through the movie, but is saved by Kiara. Upon Kopa’s death, she is driven mad in sadness, manifesting itself into her darkest fears, until Kovu brings them out of it in a fierce battle. She abdicates at the end of film one in favor of Kiara. She is one of only two characters aside from Kiara and Kovu to be from the original film series and survive all the way to the end. • Zira is the amnesic, ruthless, bitter, wrathful, psychopathic evil lioness, and the main antagonist of the film trilogy and Kiara’s nemesis. She has managed to survive the flash flood at the end of film two of the original series but is amnesic as a result and has a large gash on her forehead. She is incredibly dark, mocking to her minions, and blaming Kiara for what happened to her, as in her own “memories” Kiara forced Vitani and the other Outsiders to join them, forced Kovu to marry her, and left Zira to die without even helping even though Kiara had actually offered her help and her memories are exactly the opposite of what really happened. She is very sadistic and cruel, shown when she kills Kopa, indicating she won’t give a second thought to killing children. She is someone who is literally a psychopath.. She is the exact moral opposite of what Kiara is and what she represents. Zira also doesn’t care what methods she uses, as shown when she shows no qualms about using acid rain or oil sands as a weapon despite the fact that it is toxic and absorbing either will result in victims choking to death. She also is hell bent obsessed with gaining revenge on Kiara, not caring what the costs are. She also will kill her allies if they displease her or if even they merely frustrate her. She is certainly not a coward, willingly fighting Kiara on her own, but also fights strategically, for upon releasing Kiara can beat her, sends her minions at the princess, before retreating to the tower’s summit where the two engage in a battle to the death. This shows that she is extremely arrogant as she naturally believes that Kiara cannot beat her. The battle is only interrupted by the summit breaking beneath the two. Zira at the end of the duel is covered in cuts and injuries and is bleeding seriously from her stomach, but because Kiara is in a similar state, she tells Kiara that she would be a perfect queen, indicating some respect, but them flees. She acts as the main antagonist for all three films. She functions as Vitani’s and Buka’s mother though the former is disgusted at her and the latter is extremely loyal. • Kopa, Kiara’s younger brother, Kion’s twin and Simba and Nala’s son. He develops a close bond with Kiara and Kovu. He is evacuated away from Pride Rock after Zira reveals that she is alive. He is kidnapped by Zira and is used as a hostage at the beginning of the first film when she confronts Kiara and, ruthlessly kills him by slitting his throat straight in front of Kiara, profoundly affecting the princess, though doesn’t she knows that Zira herself killed him because she couldn’t see Zira in the darkness, and changing the nature of the film from a somewhat dark, but cheerful film into a dark, realistic movie. • Kion, Kopa’s twin brother and the prince of the Pride Lands. He becomes a key character through the film series and becomes Vitani’s love interest. He becomes the leader of the Lion Guard after Kiara orders the creation of reforms allowing all animals to join the army, and this fulfils the last of the five W’s which is why, so there is a reason why the Lion Guard was created in the first place. He plays a large role in film three when he rescues Vitani from being brainwashed into joining her army, and sires a child with her at the end of the film, five days after Kiara’s son is born. • Vitani, Zira’s daughter, Kovu’s adopted sister, Kion’s love interest and as a result, Kiara’s sister in law. She evolves from the ruthless villain we saw at the end of the original trilogy into a noble, heroic lioness. She loses all respect in her mother upon witnessing her murder of Kopa. She is almost brainwashed by Zira, but Kion rescues her and the two have a child at the end of the final film and is one of two characters from the original series aside from Kiara and Kovu to survive all the way to the end. • Mufasa, the former king. He plays a significantly smaller role, as his role is largely taken by Simba. He does speak with Kiara when she wonders if she should run or return to her kingdom. He reveals that the reason all the males are spread out is to prevent an epidemic( this is designed to kill rumors that Simba and Nala are half cousins, cause I read rumors about that) • Scar, the usurper and the main antagonist of the previous franchise. His role is largely taken over by Zira and therefore is only mentioned when the protagonists assume Zira still believes in Scar, only for her to not remember who he is. His legacy still haunts the royal couple, as during the final stages of their madness, they believe Kovu is Scar and attacks him, forcing Kovu to fight Simba and Nala, before he breaks them out of it. • Buka, which means “cruel” in Swahili is Zira’s second son and is the secondary antagonist. He had been kept as a spare just in the rare event Kovu did betray them. He is hardly any different than Zira, being very cruel, sadistic, callous, and extremely mocking. He is highly intelligent and physically strong easily able to put Kovu on the ropes and bluff the latter in order to grab him and hurl him against rock walls. He functions as Zira’s second in command, and is extremely competent. He is killed at the end of film three when Kovu cleaves his head. Secondary chracters • The hyenas return as tertiary antagonists. They are a bit more intelligent and threating, but obey Zira’s commands usually out of fear. They are initially the main minions, but as the mutated animals become more numerous, they become little more than security. They are frequently experimented on and turned into living test subjects by Zira, who even gives them traits with other animals. They become the main source of manpower for Zira in Film Two, but a significantly depleted force in the final film three. • Mutants are animals that Zira has kidnapped and mutated. They are frequently merged together with other animals to compensate their weaknesses and are given human technology and power. They resemble a cross between several animals; say for example, a cheetah, a crocodile, and a hawk. They become Zira’s main army thought out all of the films and in the final third film, Zira is seen leading an army to Mount Kilimanjaro of roughly 50,000. • Humanity is the extinct species of primates who died out millions of years ago. It is the posthumous antagonist. Much of its technology and ruins have remained intact. Almost every single animal despises humanity due to the atrocities they committed against nature, but also how their pride, their lust for power, and their own actions destroyed them. It is never stated what specifically sent humanity extinct, but there are three scenarios that are heavily implied: the first one is a giant war that resulted in the destruction of viable populations, the second is disease, famine, and natural disasters, and the third is a rogue AI detonating every single nuclear weapon( though given we are dealing with non anthrmotrapic animals, they refer to it in non-human terms and people are forced to decipher their words and put two and two together) though they are all heavily debated.

Synopsis for Film 1 If I were to put down the plot for just one film, this offer would probably be about 50 pages. I’m just going to lay down a synopsis for the films and then get into the themes.

“Two years following the end of the original series, peace and stability have been achieved at long last, and the kingdom has had no more internal problems. Suddenly, a bunch of explosions start occurring and things start go flying all over the place, as several mutated hyenas start swarming everywhere. Kiara is able to escape and is soon confronted by the returned Zira who has developed amnesia and is hell bent on gaining revenge on Kiara. With the rest of the family imprisoned and human technology running rampant killing animals, Kiara is forced into a journey that is no longer about rescuing her family and her kingdom, but saving all of nature from complete extinction!”

Now for Film Two.