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  • Hottiehip1

    Did you know that even bullies have secrets to hide?Well they shouldn't mess with

    gossip people or bully other people with gossips around.That's right!I'm a gossip girl!Some people just had to mess with me last night.So here's how I made it to work.I was not afraid to stand up to bullies,so I just had to go like this and rumors and spread their juicy gossip.The bully texted me"GET A LIFE,YOU DUMBASS!!" Instead of reporting it to the administrators,i get even.So here's all their juicy gossipy dirt I collected.

    Like this one,"Dear Diary,I'm a girl and I'm a lesbian.So I texted a girl,'i love u,baby.My love."

    YO,YO OMG MAMA MAMA!!!!GAGA RAMA MA MA MA!!Sooooo juicy am I right? th…

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  • Hottiehip1

    Come on,readers this is already born here!!!Gimme the gossip,gossip,gossip!!!!!!

    Have you seen a celebrity around here?If you did report to me on my blog posts here in Disney wikia wiki! Remember:CHECK YOUR FACTS FIRST,THEN POST DON'T HURT ANYONE FEELINGS. I MADE THEESE BLOG POSTS FOR FUN!NOT TO HURT PEOPLE!!! Read more >