I've seen many people doing this, so I thought I'd give my opinion on the worst Disney Channel shows in the last few years.

10. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Now, I know this is a little kids show, but I felt the need to put it. Why? Because it completely ruins the Mickey Mouse characters! It desposes them of personalities, making every single character the same. Donald doesn't even get angry! What kind of show is it where Donald doesn't get angry?

9. Fish Hooks - I put this one so low in the list because, well, at first it wasn't THAT bad. I enjoyed the first few episodes and I had hopes for the show to get better. Sadly, it all goes downhill from there. Each new episode was just getting more stupid. Now, every new episode feels like torture.

8. A.N.T. Farm - It's also low on the list because I find some of it's elements funny, though it's still not a good show. Some jokes work, but others are so dumb they really pull down the series.

7. Austin & Ally - Same as A.N.T. Farm, some elements work (Although very few), the rest is just dumb.

6. Prankstars - Dumb Punk'd rip-off, terrible idea, enough said, next.

5. So Random - I really don't know why they did this show. I mean, Sonny With a Chance worked for the first season. The second one became all focused on Sonny's relationship with Chad and God, it became annoying! Then Demi Lovato leaves, and they decide to do this terrible show, where the jokes are dumb, the excess of pop-culture refferences makes me sick, and they just don't know how to do a good sketch-comedy show. Nickelodeon already did a SNL for kids, and they did it great with The Amanda Show and All That. Why the need to do this? I don't understand.

4. Hannah Montana and all its variations - For me, this is the show that started the real downgrade of the Disney Channel. First mistake, for girls only. Second, it was excessively marketed and it was EVERYWHERE. And everytime you saw something Hannah Montana related, it became more annoying! And don't get me started on that awful movie.

3. JONAS/JONAS L.A. - Like Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers' excessive marketing by Disney Channel became extremely annoying, getting to the point when Disney music to the ignorant public became the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana instead of the good Disney music from the movies. Getting them a show was the WORST! The jokes were dumb, neither Jonas Brother knew how to act, and the premise was just somewhat stupid.

2. Shake it Up - It's just a dumb idea, with not very talented actors (Specially the child actors) and a piece of marketing designed to sell CD's, clothing and cheap singing/dancing toys, and of course, to market the two main stars. Again, none of the jokes actually work, the situations are poor and incoherent, with shallow, undeveloped characters.

1. Jessie - When I saw the first trailer for this, I gave up. Disney Channel was officially out of ideas. Seriously, the scene when the girl finds Jessie on the street? That was unrealistic, incoherent, dumb and it all goes downhill from there. The family is just a poor spoof of Brad Pitt and Angelina, the kids are like stereotypes of stereotypes. And NONE of the jokes work! It's definitely one of the worst shows Disney Channel has done.

Honorable Mention: The Suite Life on Deck - At first it kinda worked, but after half of the first season it completely ruined Zack & Cody, one of Disney's best in the last few years.