I was wondering through the "people" category in order of most visited, and saw something trully disappointing. the first article was Miley Cyrus's, a teenage singer that really doesn't know how to act and is only in this wiki for her work on a bad tv show, and the last article was that of Walt Disney. Have you heard about him? He founded a company like 89 years ago, made some animated movies, opened the first theme park. Ring a bell? He was one of the most important people of the 20th century thanks to his invention of family entertainment. Now, his las name is used above titles of terrible teen shows and insultant kids shows that focus the most minimum in quality. Disney isn't about Hannah Montana, High School Musical or Phineas and Ferb. It's about the animated and live action features and the theme parks that focus on entertaining Toddlers, Kids, Teenagers and Adults alike, not on a "target audience". It's completely out of my reach of comprehension how people can look at Shake it Up or Jessie (That in my opinion are perfect examples of how to make a bad TV show) and say: "Yeah, that's Disney!", cause it's not. I now invite the users of this wiki (If therte's anybody reading) to get a look on what's Disney, starting by maybe reading the article on Walt Disney .