• GrouchMan

    The Muppets

    December 16, 2011 by GrouchMan

    I realize The Muppets was supposed to be some kinda comeback for all the characters, but thinking about it now, it almost seems like a big failure. The movie was too focused on Amy Adams and Jason Segel's characters. And, also, during the Muppet Telethon, there was absolutely NO Pigs in Space, no Veterinarian's Hospital, and no Swedish Chef sketches, the time that Fozzie had onstage was too short, and frankly, I think Jason Segel completely ruined the movie. I'm not surprised that Frank Oz thought the script that Jason wrote disrespected all the characters. I realize now that they don't call him Jim Henson's "closest collaborator" for nothin. Anybody else agree with me here?

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