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  • I live in Québec
  • I was born on March 31
  • My occupation is straddling the line between passion and insanity
  • I am un poco loco ♪
  • Gray Catbird

    Back in December 2013, I left a word about copying from Pixar Wiki on an admin's wall. As a result, there was an attribution template set up, which is great...

    But copying didn't stop. Only change: now the template was added when copying, so that most ironically, it became a marker of copying, if anything. If so, around 250 pages have been copied from Pixar Wiki since December 2013... Not quite what I expected then.

    Indeed, that's all in clear violation of a policy stated on the Do's and Don'ts page, a contradiction which has been frustrating... Why is that rule not enforced? Copying is often easy to recognize (more so because of the template!)... Is it because it is not known this is occuring? If so, I can formally assure copying from Pixar…

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