That's right Mickey and the Gang meeting Spider man and The Avengers. And When I say this, I mean NO Singing just flat out Action/Adventure/Comedy. Here's an Example

Phil Coulson- Stark what the Heck is going....(Sees Mickey)..Is that....?

Tony(Shaking his head)- Yes!

Snow White and the Dwarves are Staying with Aunt May without her knowing who they are

Spider man on the phone- Hey Snow. Just calling to make sure you guys safe. How ya doing

Snow White (annoyed)- I'm lying through my teeth to a sweet old lady. How do you think I'm doing?

Gaston and LeFou trembling after seeing the Red Skull in Action- HAIL HYDRA!

Thanos invasion-

Captain America- Hulk, Smash!

Elsa- Ralph, Wreck It!

And Iron man even upgrades the Gizmoduck suit