Hello. I am leaving the wiki, (Or the wikia in general) temporarily. The reason why is because an arguement that happened today. It is not because I am sad or regret what I said or anything. The reason why is because I'm not aloud to have an opinion anymore. I have to keep my mouth shut when someone is saying stuff not a lot of people agree with, and we people don't say anything. Want to know why? This is because we do NOT want to start a fight. Today, one of the people who keeps there mouths shut, said something, and I defended her after she got yelled at. I told this person that I support there community, but I don't like that there using the rainbow, (God's promise to never flood the earth again) to represent the community. I do realize that the rainbow is a symbol of peace, and that might be why the LGBT community chose the rainbow for there community symbol. I told this person about the flag issue not realizing why they chose the symbol, and we go into another fight. Yet, this one was more intense and the chat had to be taken down for a while for everyone to cool down. When we got back on, I was calm, and we played a chat game. When we were playing, I decided I wanted apologize to this person. I was going to PM her but she blocked her PMs. So I assumed she was upset, I wait about an hour, try to PM this person again, and it was still blocked. I PMed a friend, telling this person about it, and this person told me that it was disgusting from what I said. I did end up agreeing, but in all honesty. I don't regret what I said. That is my opinion and I AM aloud to say my opinion. This is the stupid, idotic reason, why I am leaving this wiki. I'm not aloud to say what I want to say unless I agree with the people who I don't agree with. 


Maurice, JC, Diamonds, Blue, Silver, and everyone else