This is my ranking of all 15 Pixar films of how likely and unlikely you are to cry for hours

  • 15. Cars 2 - Didn't cry at all, really the existence of the film is sad
  • 14. Monsters University - Didn't really cry at this film
  • 13. A Bug's Life - Very few sad scenes, but not nearly sad enough
  • 12. The Incredibles - Has some family drama but not sad enough to have you in tears
  • 11. Toy Story - Just slightly emotional, but mainly a buddy comedy, though it was very sad when Buzz found out he wasn't a toy
  • 10. Ratatouille - Didn't emotional cry at this film, but still has some emotional scenes
  • 9. Brave - While not a Pixar great, the ending will make you cry
  • 8. Toy Story 2 - Jessie's song will have you in tears
  • 7. WALL-E - Many should cry mainly at the end of the film
  • 6. Cars - While, not the strongest Pixar film, Cars was a very emotional film, especially during Sally's backstory, when McQueen left Radiator Springs, many scenes with Doc and during the final race
  • 5. Finding Nemo - So emotional, you'll still be crying when leaving the big screen
  • 4. Monsters Inc. - The saddest scenes are when Sulley says goodbye to Boo and when they reunite
  • 3. Toy Story 3 - The saddest Toy Story film and the only one to truely have you wrenching in tears (if Jessie's song doesn't count)
  • 2. Inside Out - This film makes you cry in so many scenes, like Bing Bong's death and when Riley confesses she misses home
  • 1. Up - Easily the saddest Pixar film, I mean who wouldn't cry after watching 10 minutes of Up? I would! Not to mention the "Thanks for the adventure" scene

That's mine, what's yours?