• GoldenGirl84

    This is my ranking of all 15 Pixar films of how likely and unlikely you are to cry for hours

    • 15. Cars 2 - Didn't cry at all, really the existence of the film is sad
    • 14. Monsters University - Didn't really cry at this film
    • 13. A Bug's Life - Very few sad scenes, but not nearly sad enough
    • 12. The Incredibles - Has some family drama but not sad enough to have you in tears
    • 11. Toy Story - Just slightly emotional, but mainly a buddy comedy, though it was very sad when Buzz found out he wasn't a toy
    • 10. Ratatouille - Didn't emotional cry at this film, but still has some emotional scenes
    • 9. Brave - While not a Pixar great, the ending will make you cry
    • 8. Toy Story 2 - Jessie's song will have you in tears
    • 7. WALL-E - Many should cry mainly at the end of th…
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  • GoldenGirl84

    Excuse me, are you good at art and drawing Disney characters? Well, I need your artwork versions of my George Jacqueline character from my Disney film Weird World so I can make a big gallery of them. You can draw him in any position or doing different things. My original artwork is in the gallery, so you know how to draw him. Any volunteers?

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  • GoldenGirl84

    If you saw my blog post about my film Weird World, well here are pictures of eight of the main characters from the film, their info and people who voice them.

    As member of electronic group Zap Cloud, George Jacqueline is a 24-year old waffle-loving DJ and singer who is known and loved by every citizen of Rainbow City, his hometown. He enjoys doing all sorts of sports and crafting. He is smart, but can get nervous when answering a question, which can lead him to getting others wrong, even the most simplest ones, but he makes it up for his charm, bravado and relaxation. However, he acts very psychopathic which can cause him to be violent and very angry, which can sometimes go too far. It's probably the amount of vodka he drinks a lot. However…

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  • GoldenGirl84

    Hey, all Disney fans listen up. I have had an idea for a brilliantly awesome Disney film.

    The film is called Weird World which tells the story of a psychopathic, but childish, innocent and friendly DJ George Jacqueline who teams up with some magical and awesome heroes to save the Weird World planet from a villain with a very destructive weapon and defeat the one who has it. 

    I don't wanna spoil the plot, but I can say this film is very funny and very emotional.

    While the film is colourful in picture, it's dark in theme, being darker than most Disney animated films.

    Info about characters are in a separate blog.

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