Disney is pretty awesome with all the cool characters, songs and moments

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This movie is quite good. It has had better successors, but good things about it are the songs (espcially Heigh Ho, Some Day My Prince Will Come and Whisle While You Work) the dwarves, the hunstman and the witch. The heroine is sweet, but a bit naive, while the hero is cool but a bit bland.


This movie is one of my favourites. It's more fleshed out than Snow White, and has the amazing When You Wish Upon A Star. Pinnochio is a great character, and so are Gepetto, Figaro and Cleo haha. The Blue Fairy is awesome too. I've Got No Strings is also great, and the bad guys are suitably creepy, particularly the Coachman and Monstro (although him being a bad guy is debateable). However, I dislike Stromboli being a villain here, as he isn't in the book.  I also don't like Lampwick being eternally punished, because he's just a foolish boy, not a thoroughly evil person like the other people. Alexander doesn't deserve it either. 

Not particularly bothered about Fantasia or Dumbo, although Dumbo has some good songs and characters, When I see An Elephant Fly and Baby Mine particularly, and I do like Dumbo, his mum, Timothy Q Mouse and the crows.


Bambi is my favourite Disney movie of all time. It's tragic. The two songs Love is a Song and Little April Shower are amazing, while Let's Sing A Gay Little Spring Song is also good :) I like all the characters, particularly Bambi, his mum, Flower, Thumper and Faline. Bambi 2 is also sweet, and it's good to see the characters fleshed out further :)

Cinderella is a good movie, with good songs and characters. However, I actually prefer Cinderella 3. It fleshes out the character of Anastasia, making her the most interesting character in my eyes. More than A Dream and I Still Believe are also great songs. Not keen on Cinderella 2 thought.

Not particularly bothered about Alice or Peter Pan, though the latter is alright, with some good moments, and I like Wendy and Tinker Bell and Mr Smee, and the sequel's not bad, and the Tinker Bell films are alright.

Lady and the Tramp is a good movie, with good songs and characters. Peg is my favourite character, though I like them all, except the Cats and the rat. The sequel is good too with cool characters. The songs are also good.

Sleeping Beauty is quite a good movie. I love the fairies, while Malificent is probably the most frightening Disney villain of all time. The songs are good.

101 Dalmatians is a very good movie, although the book is better, but that doesn't matter, cos on the whole the movie is quite faithful, other than Perdita being a different character, and Tib being female in the book. Pongo is awesome, and so is Perdita. Cruella is both scary and funny. The live action movie is decent, and the animated series is good. I love the Cruella De Vil song, Spot and Cadpig are awesome to. 102 Dalmatians is pretty boring, while 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure is alright, though I dislike Thunderbolt and sympathise with Lil Lightning in some ways.

Not too bothered about the Sword in the Stone or The Jungle Book (most overrated Disney movie ever)

The Aristocats is a cool movie with good songs and characters. I kinda feel sorry for Edgar. Everybody wants to be a cat is the best song in the movie. 

Robin Hood is a great movie, with cool characters, songs and heartwarming moments. Love the main 3 characters, Prince John is sometimes sympathetic, while the Sherriff is horrible. I like Sir Hiss, and Friar Tuck and the majority of the characters are awesome. Love the songs, particularly Love and The Phoney King of England