Since the announcement of Frozen 2, fans have been going nuts to see Anna and Elsa come back to the big screen. With the first film ending happily and Frozen Fever having a big turn out, things seem to be going pretty well in Arendelle. What could a sequel possibly be about? Well, some fans have theorized that question with the speculation of one character returning to Arendelle. That character is none other than Prince Hans. Seeing how Prince Hans was the villain of the first film, many have guessed that he'll make an appearance in the sequel. Not only that he may return, but how he might return. Will he still be a greedy and power-hungry villain or will he come hoping to redeem himself and help the sisters in their new adventure. Most of theFrozen cast has tweeted about returning to work on the sequel, but Santino Fontana, who voices Prince Hans, has not. 

While there is a huge population that does not wish to see a "redeemed" Prince Hans, there is still a large group that does. I happen to be part of that group. Before Frozen was released or even known about, I had a special place in my heart for Hans. While everyone was sparking theories about Elsa and her role in the film, I was more curious about Hans. He appeared to be a stereotypical Prince Charming, but I felt that there had to be more to him and I was interested in finding out.

When the film came out, I was disapointed to see my favorite character come out as the villain. Hans seemed like such a interesting character and was thrown out as the villain. I'm not saying I'm disappointed that he was "secretely" the villain the entire time, I'm disappointed that such a great and likeable character was tossed aside like that. True, not everyone is what you want them to be and they may turn out as someone entirely different at one point in time. But, I wish Disney hadn't made such a likeable character become a greedy and blood-thirsty character. 

It's like Tadashi coming out as the man behind the mask in Big Hero 6. I wouldve had the same reaction. Part of the group wanting a redeeming Hans also wants him to end up with Elsa. Although I like the idea of Elsa remaining single, I ship Helsa very hard. If Disney puts them together, I would sink into my tank of feels! 


YAY or NAY on redeeming Prince Hans?

Disney, even if Helsa doesn't happen, redeem Hans. I think it would make the story interesting and I'd finally be more public about my love for him