Ever since I was....3 or something I've loved Princess Aurora. She is beautiful, has a great singing voice, and her name sounds so colorful. Not to mention I love Aurora's. And Corona's(constellations...Corona Borealis and Corona Australis). That is how I got my username...and I named a duckling I hatched AuroraCorona.

Briar Rose

Briar Rose, or Aurora, asleep.

Nice duck. Not so nice poop. Oh, back to Aurora. I love her blue, and her pink dress. Sometimes I wonder how she would look with a green dress. Did you know in the movie, her song "Once Upon a Dream" and maybe other songs, the music comes from the actual ballet 'The Sleeping Beauty'. Cool fact. The picture down there is a newer version of Aurora. I like her dress plainer, but that hair is gorgeous! 

Aurora sleeping beauty once upon a dream footage

Aurora dancing

I don't like Prince Phillip. Sure, he's nice. Somewhat sweet even. But I don't like him. No clue why. Maybe I'm still recovering from my 'Anti-Disney: Lost Blankies' but I'm pretty sure I'm over that. One Prince I've always LOVED was Beast. (I'll get into that later.) And Aurora's story is waaay more believable than The Little Mermaid. (Again I'll get into that later.) I mean leaving the ocean to be with a guy who doesn't know you or that you saved his life, after meeting him for less than a month. Sure I like The Little Mermaid. Nice story. Still confused about that part though. The important thing is she doesn't go into the clouds with those angel thingys. Oh. I won't talk about that anymore now I will get into that later.  But purple eyes? I just read that she has purple eyes. Never noticed that. It isn't too believeable but she does look good in them. I wonder if the people who play Aurora at the DisneyParks wear eye color 
1438 aurora royaldebut 40 2189 detail

Princess Aurora

contacts to have purple eyes. No clue but that's something to look into. But surprisingly (or at least to MY surprise) she looks good in them. Purple eyes...