• Fruity Treeze

    Disney vs. Pixar

    December 26, 2016 by Fruity Treeze

    Hi everyone! Here's a topic that often comes up when I talk to fellow Disney fans. What do I prefer: Classic Disney or it's sister company (sort of) Pixar? Now, I myself have trouble answering this question because I love both for different reasons. Disney for creating awesome fantasy universes for us to get invested in, and even if we have seen the story a dozen times before, Disney can always put a creative spin on it. Pixar for taking almost mundane situations (toys that come to life, the monters myth, etc) and turning them into masterpieces filled with fun and emotion. Seriously, it takes serious skill to make people cry over talking toys and fish.

    Back to the topic. I'm sure that for many of you it can be daunting to pick between two g…

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