Artist Isaiah Stephens created this Disney / Pokémon mashup: Frozen Edition! It's the lead characters (Elsa, Anna, Hans & Kristoff) from Frozen as Pokémon Gym Leaders...




What do you think of the Frozen cast in the world of Avatar? I think Anna would be great in the Sokka role! As for Hans, Prince Zuko is perfect for him because Zuko eventually turns good which I'm hoping (if there ever is a Frozen sequel) is the same for Hans!

Frozen fractcals

Have you been wondering what went through Anna's mind right before she turned to ice? In “Fractal Memories,” this artist thinks just as the sword shattered all her childhood memories came rushing back.


Anna looks so classic is this backdrop


In my opinion, many of the worlds seen in Disney films are all connected. There's a pretty compelling argument that connects Tangled and Frozen. In this case, it’s the world of The Little Mermaid Hans seems to be in and the artist hollyoakhill, thinks that Ariel finds Hans in a shipwreck. I think Ariel somehow knows about his crimes and decides to serve some justice. What’s your theory about this crossover?