Attention everyone, since not much of The Incredibles 2 has been decided, I would like to suggest to Disney my ideas for the main and secondary antagonists of the 2nd film. Here are my ideas, I hope you all like them:

James "Jimmy" Rudz/Blazeraiser and Josephine "Josie" Rudz/Heatbeat:

A few years before the Superhero Relocation Program was initiated, there was a 17-year-old named James "Jimmy" Rudz, and his younger 15-year-old sister Josephine "Josie" Rudz. Jimmy and Josie lived with their parents and they were all happy together, but one fateful night, the Rudz family house caught on fire. The siblings were knocked unconsious but were saved by superheroes, but the supers were unable to save their parents because the parents fell under fiery rubble. Days after the fire was put out, the siblings woke up in the hospital and were informed that their parents had died in the fire. Devastated, Jimmy and Josie blamed supers for the death of their parents, and vowed that one day they would take everything away from them (their powers) the same way they lost everything: with fire.

After years of study and self-training, Jimmy and Josie broke into a lab to mutate themselves with fire powers. They equiped themselves with spy gear and snuck onto the roof of the lab and dropped knockout gas into the vents, knocking out most of the scientists. They then entered the mutation room and forced a scientist to put them in the mutation chamber. After a slightly painful experience, the siblings tested out their newfound fire powers by burning down the lab, dubbing themselves "Blazeraiser" and "Heatbeat". After covering their tracks with fire, Blazeraiser and Heatbeat escape. They begin preparations for the day they will take away all the powers from all the superheroes they can find.

Also, if anyone likes it, Heatbeat could reform herself during the final battle and help defeat her brother.