Hello fellow Disney Wiki's!

I have "Frozen Fever" available right here in the link, and yes vevo has officially created a lyric video for "Making Today a Perfect Day" but that's just the song. If you want to see the actuall "Frozen Fever" short film, then click the link down below, and don't worry, no download is necessary. Just click the play button to play it, no streaming necessary. Please check my blog once every week, and as always, "Wiki Waka it up!"

Here are some of my fav moments from Frozen fever:

  1. 1, when Olaf says, "Oh I have brothers and sisters!"
  1. 2 when Olaf says, "I fixed it!" When we all know he spelled "Dry Banana Hippy Hat."

3# when Kristoff says, "She thinks you're an idiot, like we don't know how to watch a cake" in a goofy voice, but right after that they both bump into the cake almost toppling it over!

4# When Elsa gets delirious and almost falls off the clock.

5# when Kristoff goes rock and roll on his knees and says, "I love you baby!" to Anna like, this is before rock and roll, sorry Elvis!

Those were my fav moments, what were yours? Thanks, and as always, wiki waka it up!