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So here are my quotes of the week!

Remember the Lion King? "Oh yes, the past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or learn from it" Rafiki, "Change is good, but it's not easy." Well that's the quote of the week!

' Now let's look into some disney style that's trending! Hope you guys enjoy my fan made outfits for Jane, Wendy's daughter from 'Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland! It reflects on her love for dresses with poms on the shoulders, and capes she loves to wear, along with some fan-made style that would go with her time-period around the time that would pass after the world war, [watch the movie free on megashare to know more] so her color would be more happy!

  • Jane's Outfits! which one would you wan to see me draw on her? Mix'n Match!
  • Jane's new bedding set style! With valentines dress since the holiday is coming up!
So what's new in the disney world of wonderfull wikia? New movies! A finding Dory is coming up, where Dory is revealed to be a witch doctor? I do know for sure she looks for her family, almost like finding NEMO only Dory didn't lose almost all of her family unlike Marlin, Nemo's dad.

What Else-a? YES! Coming with the new live-action Cinderella comes Frozen Fever! People are predicting it is to be a 7-15 minute long short! Instead of adds in the theatre, this short comes when you watch the movie Cinderella, [played by real people not cartoon] where it's Anna's 19th birthday, but Elsa's power may put someone in harm. Looks like someone can't conceal to well. People have a conspireocy theory that Elsa has a fever, and along with it, comes a different power, flower powers? There is a picture of Elsa's supposedly flower-power, whether she has the power, we don't know, but for sure, disney announced these pictures were released by them and ARE real. Something juicy is gonna happen! 

Well were you interested at all? If you were come again next week for more, and comment which outfit you would like the best for Jane for me to draw on her. Mix and match shoes with clothing I don't care! Yes I do respond to comments! Thanks, & Wiki Waka it up! As always, Sofia.

The Lion King