Dear Disney fans,

How many of you remember Peter Pan? How many o you have heard the conspiracy about him? Some people speculate he is a demon, (or his shadow is) but that he may also be a angel. I don't know what to believe, but I, for all my life have experienced paranormal creatures, which is why I heavily believe in Peter Pan. There was a time where my sister, (26) almost drowned in the mountains when she was 5, by an invisible force, with evil laughter. The camera stated making pictures by itself, and of course mom was there to save her, you obviously don't let a kid walk alone in the mountains duh. My point is, there have been stories of the shadow roaming the kindergarten, which I can see close by my window, and a few nights ago, I opened the window and explained that I believe in Peter and his shadow, but I wanted to know if the were evil or not. After that, I used my tablet past midnight, when the strange knocking on my window started, and I saw silhouettes, and shadows, but I thought I was hallucinating, (and I was quite frightened) so I went under the covers and back to sleep. Next night my sister experienced the same thing while I was downstairs.

   What do you think? Should I make a video of it? Or would that be life a threatening? OvO.

As always, I'm Sofia,

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