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            Dear Disney fans,

    How many of you remember Peter Pan? How many o you have heard the conspiracy about him? Some people speculate he is a demon, (or his shadow is) but that he may also be a angel. I don't know what to believe, but I, for all my life have experienced paranormal creatures, which is why I heavily believe in Peter Pan. There was a time where my sister, (26) almost drowned in the mountains when she was 5, by an invisible force, with evil laughter. The camera stated making pictures by itself, and of course mom was there to save her, you obviously don't let a kid walk alone in the mountains duh. My point is, there have been stories of the shadow roaming the kindergarten, which I can see close by my window, and a few nights a…

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    Hello fellow Disney Wiki's!

    I have "Frozen Fever" available right here in the link, and yes vevo has officially created a lyric video for "Making Today a Perfect Day" but that's just the song. If you want to see the actuall "Frozen Fever" short film, then click the link down below, and don't worry, no download is necessary. Just click the play button to play it, no streaming necessary. Please check my blog once every week, and as always, "Wiki Waka it up!"

    Here are some of my fav moments from Frozen fever:

    1. 1, when Olaf says, "Oh I have brothers and sisters!"
    1. 2 when Olaf says, "I fixed it!" When we all know he spelled "Dry Banana Hippy Hat."

    3# when Kristoff says, "She thinks you'r…

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    Hi, and welcome to my new blog about fan requests and info for disney characters here on wikia! 

    Wanna have a rememberance quote from your childhood movie?

    Wanna look deeper into some disney style based on characters?

    Wanna know whats new in the disney world of wikia?

    I have it all!

    Also if you would like to request a fan drawing of a character I will post it here, on my blog!

    If you want, you can edit my artice blog and win a Maddie Fitzpatrick badge!

    Well, here's my blog!

    So here are my quotes of the week!

    Remember the Lion King? "Oh yes, the past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or learn from it" Rafiki, "Change is good, but it's not easy." Well that's the quote of the week!

    ' Now let's look into some disney style that's trending! Hope y…

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