Erekcji skurwiel DeMoto pszenny

  • I live in PAN.
  • My occupation is HERI POCZA FANFEK.
  • I am twoim panem.
  • Erekcji skurwiel DeMoto pszenny

    Sup, another Pole here. Im going to tell you a rather funny memory from my childhood. Back when i was 10, i was OBSESSED with the game Far Cry 1, i loved that game since i was 5 but when i was ten, my obsession has reached its peak. I kept on creating various "bootleg" homebrew Far Cry merchandise, including plasticine figurines of the game enemies, a bootleg solution to the game, and a solution to my made-up "Far Cry 2" that more resembled a fantasy game than a Far Cry game. But that's not the point. When i was ten i was in my "rebelous teen" phase and i kept on watching stuff "for adults" like a Polish adult cartoon called Kapitan Bomba, i listened to vulgar music, etc. I also made weird MS Paint pictures full of swearwords...

    And one of …

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