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  • EpixAndroid

    Although the trailer for this film is due on Disney's website in less than 24 hours, I'm in a very hyper mood to announce some cool stuff with you.

    First off, if any of you have read the comments section for the movie very recently, there's been a link to a news article (and more photos!) on USA TODAY's website that I added. For your convinence, I've added a link here.

    On another note, NewsOK has a press release stating that, oh no, THEY'RE TAKING OVER The Weather Channel ON ALL PLATFORMS!!! And Bleeding Cool News has a new snapshot to prove it!!!

    Now, I'm very HYPER!!!!!

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  • EpixAndroid

    Okay, so if any of you have been on Disney website and how they have all of those Digital Painters on there? Well, I just noticed that they have a Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter. And, I just think that is sooooo awesome!!! So, I just wanted everyone to check it out! (but if you wanted to post your artwork on the DisneyWiki, just do so on your own page! I really don't want to promote people getting banned on here, but I just thought it was cool).

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