• Hans leans toward Anna
  • Hans reveals his true colors to Anna
  • Hans leaves Anna
  • Anna begs Hans no
Kristoff handed the limp body of Anna to the castle maids, Anna looked at him with thankful eyes, then the gates closed. The maids rushed her into a warm room with a fire brewing, Hans stood inside, Anna rushed toward him and pulled at him "Hans, you have to kiss me!" She said, the maids left the room knowing they'd like to be alone. "What?" Hans replied. Anna explained the curse to him and that only true loves kiss could break the spell, Hans laid Anna on the couch, then leaned forward, about to touch her lips.........then paused, "Oh, Anna. If only someone loved you." Hans turned away from Anna, "what?" Was Anna's reply. "Well, being 13th in line for the throne wasn't really working out for me,Hans explained. I needed a way to be the first king out of my whole family, and you were so desperate for love, it wasn't that hard", he said with a smirk as he doused the fire and closed the curtains. "No, no Hans you can't do this!"