Hey, Disney Wiki. By now, I've probably ruined any chance I've had of a warm welcome, and that's completely understandable. I've been a terrible person to most of you, and even though I've tried to change my ways in the time that I've been here, I find that I can't actually do that while still being here. Obviously, I've left, and this place is probably so much better for it. I know you probably all know me and have a certain level of distaste towards me. I just want to perhaps ask for, and I know this is far too much, a little forgiveness. I probably don't deserve it, but I'm stubborn enough to try.

Firstly, apologies to Blue and SilverFlight for all the crap I put them through when I got into crap with everyone else. I've been incredibly selfish in my time here, and I think I've given them a lot of crap because of it. I'm sincerely sorry.

I obviously have major character issues and am currently working on getting that fixed. I'm working to be less petulant, as well. More selfless. I realize that I've been thinking and doing for myself for far too long, when I should've been thinking for myself and doing for others. I've really blown it while I was here, so perhaps I'll do better away from here.

Maurice and Who, I'm sorry for having been particularly rude to you guys. My actions were inexcusable and I'll work to better myself outside this place.

And to anyone else I've hurt, I'd do anything to take back what I've done now. Though maybe that's not the point of it. Maybe I should just use what I've done to learn, and I suppose that's what I'll do.

I've tried to keep this short, and I think I've said what I needed to, so that's it. Bye.