I lost my previous account (User:Katyusha Eagle), because of it, i have to rewrite my project.

This is my new story:



A woman narrate the story.

Woman:There's a legend, about The Snow King and Queen, the story starts many years ago...

Chapter 1: Return to The Southern Isles.


A day after the event on the first Movie...

The French dignatary ship has leave Arendelle,  A week later on the capital of Southern Isles, Hans's 2nd eldest brother, Prince Henrik, has waiting for him, The French dignitary then leave Hans with his brother,at the Castle, Hans discover that his eldest brother, has Crowned As King Harald Alexander Westergaard of The Southern Isles.

As the new king, He didn't punish Hans, Instead, He planning something else.

He plans to expand territory of Southern Isles, all of his brother, including Hans Agree.

He appoint Hans as Fleet admiral of Southern Isles Navy, Firstly he and all of his brother apology to Hans for treating him like that.( 3 of his brother pretend he was invisible for 2 years.) 

They Planning to Invade Arendelle, if They succeed, Hans will be appointed as Grand Duke of Arendelle.


At the same day after events on Frozen...

Arendelle Harbor.

 Scene focused to the French Dignitary's Ship.

French Dignitary: Time to go, before we go home, we must return this "Prince" first.

A Week Later..., The Southern Isles

The Ship has entered the Harbor, Scene Focused to French Dignitary, Hans and Henrik

French Dignitary: I will leave him here, Thank you.

The French Dignitary then leave them. Then Hans and Henrik enter to the Royal carriage. Scene change to Henrik and Hans.

Henrik: Hans, Why did you do that?

Hans: Just tell me, what is my punishment?

Henrik: You will Know it when we meet Harald.

Scene change to The Southern Isles Castle. scene focused to Hans and Henrik enter the Castle.

Harald: Welcome Home, Brother. Now you have to fullfilling my orders.

Hans: Why i have to?

Henrik: Because now he is King Harald IX of Southern Isles.

Hans:(Shocked) so what is my punishment?

Harald: Before you Know what is your pnishment, firstly i will say something: I'm sorry, for treating you like that.

Hans: Eeh, Apology accepted, so, what is my punishment?.

Harald: You will be, THE FLEET ADMIRAL !!!

Hans: Oh Thanks Harald, you never treat me like this, i'm very very Thanks to you.

Harald: Okay..., but you have to do a Task.

Hans: What Task?

Harald: You have been to Arendelle before, Alone. Now, you will return to Arendelle, With 30 Ship, i know you have been try to Kill the Queen, and take the Arendelle, now do it again!, We will expand our Country.

Scene Close with Harald Stab a knife to the Map of Arendelle. 

Chapter 2:Mid-Summer Winter Festival


Arendelle,One month after the events on the first film...

Arendelle will Celebrate Mid-Summer Winter festival, to celebrate the Anniversary of Arendelle, At the time, Elsa has rule Arendelle for a month.

Its called Mid-summer Winter festival because Elsa use her power to making Winter in Mid-Summer everyone is happy.

As usual Kristoff and Anna walking Throught the town, Olaf take a whiff in every single flower he passed, which cause him to sneeze and losing his carrot nose, then sven take it back to him, while Elsa making an Ice statue for every townspeople, but Elsa always thinking about something: Is there any people who have power like her?

Music: Spring Pageant. 

Chapter 3: King of Ambrough


Arendelle,Mid-Summer Winter Festival,Day 1

While walking around, Anna find a confused young man, he asked her for help, The young man ask about Elsa. Anna then take him to meet Elsa, then he Introduce himself, King Frederik of Ambrough, then he take, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff to Arendelle Library


Anna is walking around, then a man come towards her.

Man: Excuse me, can you please help me?

Anna: Okay, What can i do for you?

Man: Do you know where is The Queen?

Anna: I know where she is, follow me.

They go to the Arendelle's Castle courtyard and meet Elsa

Anna: There's she is.

Man:(talk to Elsa) Your majesty, it's was a honor to meet you, I am Fredrik, King of Ambrough.

Elsa: You doesn't look like a king.

Fredrik:Of course, i dressed like a normal person to avoid attention, Anyway, you was the person i've searched for 3 years!

Elsa: Why?

Fredrik: I need some books to explain that, come with me to the library, your sister may come with us.

Elsa: Okay, Anna, do you want to come with me?

Anna: yes. (callig Kristoff)Kristoff, come with us!

Fredrik: Wait, she is your sister? and you are The Princess?

Anna: Yyyess, why?

Fredrik: (shocked) I'm sorry for my attitude, my lady.

Anna: It's okay.

Then they go to the library.

To Be Continued...



The King from Ambrough, come to Arendelle for complete his quest