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    Sequel for Frozen

    January 6, 2015 by Dorniere

    I lost my previous account (User:Katyusha Eagle), because of it, i have to rewrite my project.

    This is my new story:


    A woman narrate the story.

    Woman:There's a legend, about The Snow King and Queen, the story starts many years ago...

    Chapter 1: Return to The Southern Isles.


    A day after the event on the first Movie...

    The French dignatary ship has leave Arendelle,  A week later on the capital of Southern Isles, Hans's 2nd eldest brother, Prince Henrik, has waiting for him, The French dignitary then leave Hans with his brother,at the Castle, Hans discover that his eldest brother, has Crowned As King Harald Alexander Westergaard of The Southern Isles.

    As the new king, He didn't punish Hans, Instead, He planning something else.

    He pl…

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