You know, for my personal reasons I am leaving Disney Wikia for now, the reason is honestly it's not how it's used to be, categories are being removed for NO good reason from users/admins claiming they are "useless" and not needed. But you want to know the real reason I'm leaving is because of so much change is happening on Disney Wikia so fast that I tend to not be aware of thoses situations as I have been doing school, and work, so for now I don't care if you call me a fool or a moron for doing this but I just can't take what's happening right now! :(

UPDATE December 5, 2015: I'm Leaving/Not talking to either of you

That's the last STRAW, just when I thought everything was on good terms with a few admins, I just continue seeing SO Many, and I mean MANY unexpected changes (removal of Birthday texts, categories) continue to happen again and again and AGAIN!!! Now this doesn't mean I'm leaving the Disney Wikia once again, I will edit once a day, but I'm not going to have ex-nay contact with most of you, because all I see is the same constant arguments and fighting with other users, on not giving an excuse on banning DukeRemington for his irrational behavior, back in June! >:(